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motorik 3
Artist: Motor!k
Title: 3
Genre: Post-Rock
Release Date: 13th May 2022
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

It was tempting to just repost my review of MOTOR!K’s last album ‘2’ instead of writing a new one, since the press release they sent is actually the one associated with that album - come on lads, put the effort in! And this latest album, from an outfit one could charitably describe as “being from Belgium”, continues the tradition of super-imaginative titles, a device that could reflect the lack of need for distraction on a music journey based on deliberate repetition and a strangely compelling anonymity, or just be the same can’t be arsed attitude as the press release. You decide, dear reader, for MOTOR!K will most likely not notice.

The last album was a gem. Gradual building and breaking, small, subtle changes here and there creating a barrage of sound that never overwhelmed, but never underwhelmed either. It all seemed to serve a function and have a purpose, vision even. And on the ominous opening track here, ‘Stunded’ seems to herald something, a slightly sinister introduction to what’s ahead. The formula is the same, as ‘Socrates’ grinds itself slowly into crescendo through guitar and synth, with a functional beat propelling the whole relentlessly forwards. There’s nothing new here, but it continues the fine-tuning of their craft from something that should be boring into something addictive and intriguing. ‘Hourglass’ shifts completely, settles into a sci-fi shimmer and dreams of being in the next Blade Runner movie. Gorgeous. ‘Unisono’ is a plodder but worth the wait, as it too meanders from a somewhat stifled opening half to a gradual blossoming. ‘Zug’ is perhaps the one track here that sounds directly lifted from the past and shoehorned in as a bit of filler. Pity.

‘Reflections’ eases us out of this odd little world, sounding bizarrely like an early OMD B-side, a patient and expansive landscaping of synthetic and organic. And that’s it. They’re off again. Perhaps to start writing ‘4’. Perhaps not. MOTOR!K are odd, eccentric and at times infuriating. But then, isn’t this exactly how music should be? And wouldn’t it all be very, very dull if things were otherwise.


01. Stunden
02. Socrates
03. Hourglass
04. Unisono
05. Zug
06. Reflections


Joeri Dobbeleir – Guitars/Synths
Dirk Ivens – Guitars/FX
Dries D’Hollander – Drums


Cover Picture

motorik 3


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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