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Title: All I ever Wanted
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Genre: Pop / Rock
Release Date: 6th March 2009
Label: RCA International (Sony /BMG)

Album Review

The girl who won the first incarnation of the Pop Idol contest in 2002 and in the following years became an international superstar now comes back after her 2007 release ‘My December’ with her fourth album to date ‘All I ever Wanted’ and the direction of this album is pretty much clear. Very radio-compatible Pop/Rock! Don’t know much about her previous albums, so I’m not quite sure if that’s a return to a certain style she’s done before or not! Anyway, the album starts with the preceding single ‘My Life sucks without you’ of which I first thought it would become a pretty rocking piece but eventually it becomes rather electronic after all.

The honour of the first more rock-based track belongs to ‘I Do not Hook up’ that keeps very much back in the verses to explode in a hymnal chorus. ‘Cry’ is likely to please any fans of heart-rending ballads. The title track’s special ability lies within it’s rhythm that somehow makes you want to nod with your feet. Very extensive slow drums are being employed on the next balladry track ‘Already Gone’, while very gritty-sounding and forceful ones underline ‘Whyyawannabringmedown’. ‘Ready’ toys with the sounds of an organ and has a somewhat relaxed sound to it. The album closer ‘If No One Will Listen’ keeps a slow pace over its distance and is filled if poignant piano lines but what the song is living on is without a doubt Kelly’s expressive voice.

First of all I have to say Kelly’s a really, really good singer That is beyond debate but the compositions are standard Pop/Rock tunes. Doesn’t mean they’re bad but nothing special (for me) either!


01. My Life Would Suck Without You
02. I Do Not Hook Up
03. Cry
04. Don’t Let Me Stop You
05. All I Ever Wanted
06. Already Gone
07. If I Can’t Have You
08. Save You
09. Whyyawannabringmedown
10. Long Shot
11. Impossible
12. Ready
13. I Want You
14. If No One Will Listen


Kelly Clarkson


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Music: 5
Sound: 5
Extras: -
Total: 5 / 10


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