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Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
December 17th 2005
Mostly Autumn, Kiss and Olivia

When we arrived at the Boerderij in Zoetermeer there was already a long line waiting. They were all awaiting their favorite band: Mostly Autumn.

Kiss and Olivia

Without being announced before the concert there appeared to be an opening act after all. First there was an announcement about this special evening where a DVD was going to be recorded for Mostly Autumn. Then to everybody’s surprise the first band was introduced.

With just an acoustic guitar and a musical egg (the one you shake) they guided their singing. The male singer had a soft feminine voice, Olivia had a voice reminding me of the sixties. Their first song ‘The Luckiest Man Alive’ was mostly sung by him, a pity for her voice was more pleasant to listen too. The songs are quiet and serene, there was nothing dark about them. Not our genre but it was a nice show any way.

Olivia catches your eye, she is dressed in light colours and shows the emotions of the songs in her face. The male vocalist just sits on his chair playing his guitar. There is little movement on stage, only Olivia moves a bit to the music. The light is just as serene and simple as their songs. There is little response from the audience, they are al waiting for Mostly Autumn to come out and play. When they play softly the entire audience appears to be buzzing with talk.

Music 6
Performance 6
Light 7
Sound 7
Total 6 (6,3)

Mostly Autumn

Then it was finally time for thé band of the evening. In the audience there were many speculations about how long they might play this time for they are know to play three hour long shows. The cameras were set, the audience full of anticipation and then the lights went down…

It seems as if everybody in this band is multitalented, only Andy Smith is fully concentrated on ‘just’ his bass guitar. The sound during the show is perfect, there have probably been extensive sound checks for each instrument and each voice to make everything run smoothly for the DVD shoot. All possible combinations of voices are made, everybody sings together with every one at least once and each combination sounds wonderful. There even is a ‘duet’ between the guitar of Bryan Josh and the vocals of (princes) Olivia, this duet took a bit too long but it was great fun, both for the band members and the audience. The voice of Heather Findlay (leading vocals) is warmer than Olivia’s, she is a great singer and musician. She sings right out of her heart and full of enthusiasm. At the end of their show it was time for the special Christmas part. This started out with ‘Silent Night’ sung just by Heather guided on keys by Iain Jennings. Slowly the rest of the band returned to the stage as well and then they started singing the next song. Then there was a song sung which was not on their set list, Liam came out and sung ‘Merry Christmas’ (a Slade cover), he appeared to have a great voice! The entire venue sang along and it was one big party.

The show started with traffic sounds and smoke, search lights were moving across the stage. 5 men enter the stage, and then 3 women join them. Usually there are only 2 singers but today Olivia is here to assist. Heather Findlay is a great leading lady, she knows how to entertain. She can fully absorb the audiences attention as well as give the others space for their moments of glory. Her outfit is very original, even her tambourine is decorated with shawls. As heard in the rumours of the audience they indeed played for some three hours. Everybody gets their breaks though for they are not all on stage all the time. During ‘The Spirits of Christmas Past’ snow started to fall which was of course a wonderful sight to see. Heather seemed happy as a little kid with the snow. The entire band was thoroughly enjoying this performance. At the end of the show each band member was introduced and when the last song had finished they all came to the front of the stage and bowed to a applauding and screaming audience. A night to remember.

Set List
01. Green sky
02. Broken Glass
03. Caught in A Fold
04. Somat In Between
05. Dark By Dawn
06. Ans. Qu.
07. The Last Climb
08. Evergreen
09. Hollow
10. Pass The Clock
11. Heartlife
12. Out Of Inn
13. Shindig
14. Never Rainbow
15. Candles
16. Carpe Diem
17. Heroes Never Die
18. Silent Night
19. Spirit II
20. Spirits Of Christmas Past
21. Fairytale
22. Mother Nature

Music 8
Performance 8
Light 8
Sound 9
Total 8 (8,2)

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