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terrorizer hordesofzombies
Artist: Terrorizer
Title: Hordes Of Zombies
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 24th February 2012
Label: Season Of Mist

Album Review

After a hiatus for almost seventeen years, Grindcore/ Death Metal outfit TERRORIZER made a huge comeback in 2006 with the release ‘Darker Days Ahead’. However, fans just didn’t seem to accept them as much as they did in the late 80s, as the band shifted from their Grindcore elements more towards Death Metal, so it almost felt like a watered down version of what TERRORIZER used to be. Disappearing again for six years, it was feared they would go on another hiatus, but it appears they are here to stay as they crank out another album: ‘Hordes Of Zombies’. True to Grindcore elements, it stays short and right to the point, but like Death Metal or Deathcore the music isn’t as obliterating to the ear (oh it is still very fast- just listen to the title track) and focuses a bit on the themes that sadly have been a bit overused.

Like the village bicycle almost every Death Metal band out there has touched on the theme of zombies at some point, so right there TERRORIZER fans just might be a bit adverse to what is to come. One thing TERRORIZER does very well is incorporate Thrash elements into their music to add a bit of groove such as on ‘Evolving Era’, but at the same time it slows down their music more and more so it takes them farther and farther from the crushing Grindcore elements. At best one could call the music of TERRORIZER to be Brutal Death Metal. The drums feel like they are inhumanely on autopilot with how fast they are beating- sometimes an impressive good thing- and the guitar tempos change as much as possible without becoming a technical headache such as on ‘Radiation Syndrome’. Sometimes they’ll slow down a bit for more hypnotic, thrashy groove moments, but overall the music can be rather simplistic. The vocals are a mid-set growl that seem to be a bit faded out, similar to what happened with the last TORTURE KILLER album, but they aren’t so low that they can’t be understood.

At the same time, the vocalist attempts to go on the CANNIBAL CORPSE route and bark his vocals as fast as possible such as on ‘Flesh To Dust’, which doesn’t  suit his style just quite, and the music is still faster than he is so they feel out of sync at times. On tracks like ‘Malevolent Ghosts’, the pace is much more set for the vocal tones and it just grooves right along with plenty of rhythm which fans will most certainly enjoy; one could even consider it similar to that of MASK OF MALICE: very raw yet catchy without being over the top. While overall it feels like TERRORIZER isn’t smashing barriers like they did on their debut, they still are adjusting to a new time and era where the music standards are different. Despite that the sound and concept on ‘Hordes Of Zombies’ has been done before, the music here is still a solid piece of Death Metal that almost any fan can enjoy, just as long as they don’t get tired easily of hearing the same thing depending upon their Metal experiences. Thankfully, a Thrash driven track like ‘State Of Mind’ injects enough groove to prevent things from becoming boring too quickly.


01. Intro - 1:52
02. Hordes of Zombies - 3:28
03. Ignorance and Apathy - :10
04. Subterfuge - 1:59
05. Evolving Era - 3:24
06. Radiation Syndrome - 2:07
07. Flesh to Dust - 2:19
08. Generation Chaos - 2:09
09. Broken Mirrors - 3:08
10. Prospect of Oblivion - 3:25
11. Malevolent Ghosts - 3:00
12. Forward to Annihilation - 2:01
13. State of Mind - 3:18
14. A Dying Breed - 3:47


Pete "Commando" Sandoval - drums
Katina Culture - guitar
Anthony "Wolf" Rezhawk - vocals
David Vincent - bass


Cover Picture

terrorizer hordesofzombies


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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