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shinedown amaryllis
Artist: Shinedown
Title: Amaryllis
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 23rd March 2012
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

SHINEDOWN is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 2001 and founded by members Brent Smith, Brad Stewart, Jasin Todd and Barry Kerch. A few line-up changes followed, and the band's current line-up consists of Smith and Kerch, the band's only two remaining original members, with guitarist Zach Myers and bassist and pianist Eric Bass. Since SHINEDOWN’s inception, they have released three albums - ‘Leave a Whisper’ (2003), ‘Us and Them’ (2005), ‘The Sound of Madness’ (2008) - and a total of thirteen singles, all on Atlantic Records. Now, their new album called ‘Amaryllis’ is out. After being to the tour already, I was anxious to finally listen to SHINEDOWN's new CD. The band released 3 CDs so far plus a live CD. Now, the band is back with their new songs showing that they are better than I could have ever thought.

‘Us and them’ (released in 2005) was a rather average album which was followed by ‘The sound of madness’ in 2008 which showed off their talent a little better. This time, ‘Amaryllis’ really blew me away. The opener ‘Adrenaline’ is so powerful that you are instantly within the music and do not want to get out of it. The song ‘Bully’, which has also been released as a single, is one of the best tracks the band has written in my eyes. The guitars are well-balanced, accompanied by a nice drumming and great vocals. The song probably reflects the band's experience during their school time when bullying seemed to be a big part of their lives. This song was a well-chosen choice for the first single because a lot of adolescent listeners will find themselves reflected in this song.

The title track ‘Amaryllis’ seems to be just as personal as ‘Bully’. However, the song also appears to be made for the radio due to a rather smooth and soft sound. The next song on the album called ‘Unity’ is one of my favourite tracks on the album due to the well-balanced sound compared with Brent's amazing voice. Piano sounds really underline the sound. You can just listen to the song forever, forgetting everything around you. Of course, you are not supposed to fall asleep, however, and the following song ‘Enemies’ makes sure that you don't. The sound is so driven that you are instantly rocking with the band. The song is a little harder than the other ones on the CD. For me, there could have been more songs like this on the CD but I guess ‘Amaryllis’ is designed to attract a big range of people, not only people who already like rock music. That is probably also why songs like ‘I'm not alright’ and ‘Miracle’ are more mainstream songs which is not bad if you ask me. I actually really like the sound on ‘Amaryllis’ and also enjoyed their live performance of the songs.

All in all, the new SHINEDOWN CD ‘Amaryllis’ is a well-balanced combination of harder and softer songs in order to please a lot of people. You have nice guitar riffs, powerful rhythms and memorable memories. For me, the CD is one of the band ones I have listened to in the last time. Everyone who likes rock music with an edge but also does not want to spare feeling will love this CD!


01. Adrenaline
02. Bully
03. Amaryllis
04. Unity
05. Enemies
06. I’m Not Alright
07. Nowhere Kids
08. Miracle
09. I'll Follow You
10. For My Sake
11. My Name (Wearing Me Out)
12. Through The Ghost


Bass - Eric Bass
Vocals - Brent Smith
Guitars - Zack Myers
Drums - Barry Kerch

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shinedown amaryllis


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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