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Artist: Toy Horses
Title: Toy Horses
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: 27th February 2012
Label: Neo - Kanoon Records (Sony Music)

Album Review

First demos of the band have been played on BBC. British enough, huh? No, till you listen to it, and hear it’s kind of concentration of the best British pop-rock music, starting with the BEATLES and finishing with the LIBERTINES. Isn’t it beautiful, when the best things from past continue living in present? Having light merry melodies plus slightly melancholic love-lyrics, and if the singer is pretty, we get the perfect Indie rock band which girls can’t ignore. So is TOY HORSES. It is the music, which will fit perfect to a sunny morning, which fills your room with sleepy orange colour, and when you touch cool floor with your feet and going to kitchen to get your coffee and you step into a part of the floor, which sun warmed for a while.

It is that kind of quite energetic music which gets in balance with the quiet melancholic, but still charismatic male vocals. It will make you dance, waiting for a morning coffee, or making salad for dinner, or lightning candles for a romantic evening. As for lyrics, it is worth to be quoted: “It's hell for poets when love goes right, but that won't help you through tonight” (‘No One’s Ever Gonna Leave You’) or “If you keep love at an arms length, so you can hear the whispers to you, but it's not close enough to hurt you” (‘Love At An Arms Length’). The duo TOY HORSES is 22-years-old Adam Franklin and 41-years-old Tom Williams. So they achieved what some would call “If Youth only new, if Age only could”.


01. Play What You Want
02. And It Was You
03. Sordid Little World
04. Damage Done
05. Last Chance
06. Loyal To The Cause
07. Love At An Arm's Length
08. Oh Violet
09. No One's Ever Gonna Leave You
10. Interrupt


Adam D. Franklin
Tom Williams


Cover Picture

toyhorses st


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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