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rasmus st
Artist: The Rasmus
Title: The Rasmus
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 20th April 2012
Label: Universal

Album Review

Finnish rock band THE RASMUS formed in 1994 in Helsinki and currently is the one of the most successful Finnish bands, with several millions of copies sold worldwide and present self-titled release is their eight. Among the listeners, the band is mentioned often together with HIM, another highly successful Finnish band, playing in so-called “love metal” genre. Though, THE RASMUS is better to be called soft rock, as there is no particular metal heaviness in their sound.

I first heard THE RASMUS’ release ‘Hide From the Sun’ from 2005 that left a notable impression of rather good melodies together with a gothic touch - with all these lyric characters, young girls, heading unanimously towards darkness (of course!). Over consequent time, sound of THE RASMUS became intentionally softer, and the current release continues the trend. The impression of the new album is that the most songs are kept in very similar manner. Musically the album created to be rather positive, with plenty of major sounds, acoustic guitars, and consistently sweet voice of Lauri Ylönen. Either you like it, or not. Most of the currently available lyrics are written in form of dialogue, when a singer addresses himself and the listener (aka lyrical character). Thematic leaves in past any sophisticated gothic imagery and goes with quite non-specific lyrics.

My impression is that the creator's goal was to make songs open to interpretation, to an interference with listener's mind. Listener is not given a fixed story, but rather is expected to create a personal meaning for the songs. So, this is my honest view: the current music of THE RASMUS designed to be a great background. Once Lauri sings some verse that fits into your present, it will resonate. This is not the music to listen while lying down in total concentration, rather, it's something created to accompany the listener in her/his life. I am not here to judge whether it's good or bad thing. It's just what this musical piece meant for.

A little bit of considerations about the piece. As I am a guy after all, I must say, I kind of miss old THE RASMUS. The little drama in a song or two would provide a great contrast with "overly positive" sound of the album (that said, I am fine though if gothic girls are left behind, so much for them). But you know, if one needs to keep up with an old audience, then something has to be offered to grown-up fans, like a message "your old friend is here, but better". It seems that, quite on the opposite, THE RASMUS aims certain age, not certain fan base. I wish young girls, who will start to know the band from the release, best of luck, and I am certain that band's music and Lauri's voice are capable to add a great mood to their lucky moments. But I also can see some old fans leaving.


01. Stranger - 3:59
02. I'm a Mess - 4:12
03. It's Your Night - 3:37
04. Save Me Once Again - 4:36
05. Someone's Gonna Light You Up - 3:44
06. End of the Story - 4:10
07. You Don't See Me - 3:13
08. Somewhere - 5:29
09. Friends Don't Do Like That - 4:27
10. Sky - 3:59
11. Stranger (Piano Version) (iTunes Bonus Track)


Lauri Ylönen
Pauli Rantasalmi
Eero Heinonen
Aki Hakala


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rasmus st


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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