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seventrees expandingtheunknown
Artist: Seven Trees
Title: Expanding The Unknown
Genre: Dark Electro
Release Date: 22nd March 2013
Label: Infacted Recordings

Album Review

‘Expanding The Unknown’ was an album of SEVEN TREES released back in 1997, what is coming at you now from this dark electro two-men outfit (which was founded in 1994 and rose to cultish reverence and up in its name there’s only this album) is a re-issue of the original album with additional material, eight songs harvested out of compilations and demos.

Though minimalist in approach they build thick, ambient and evocative atmospheres, the moods to indulge in are dreamy, nostalgic, melancholy, foreboding, anxious, restless, frantic, yearning... they really engulf you and lock you in and bring you a wonderful sound-projection of introspective reflections; their music just lends itself visually also, it’s not only that you’ll be pulled into a thoughtful mood but your imagination will soon be stirred by the music also.  The sound is dated yet the album feels fresher than a lot of Dark Electro stuff out there, to be credited to imaginative approach of the artists in question but also due to a skilful engineering, polishing off the originals for modern day standards with retaining a flavour of the past. The dated feel is further adding to the feeling of nostalgia yet it doesn’t tower over the other emotions brought to life, to focus, it lets them breathe. The demo and compilation adage prove interesting though they break off a certain stream of mood and consciousness. However, the inclusion only means two sittings for two different listening experiences are probably better.

Why did they only release one album? Why only a cult following? This re-issue should do them justice and throw them into more spot-light that they so rightly deserve, and hopefully the future will bring them towards our attention many times henceforth with new releases.


01. Submission
02. Stale
03. Tearstained
04. Overload
05. Velvet Dream
06. Going Down
07. The Unknown
08. To Live Is Regret
09. Desire Slowly Bursting
10. Fallen Idols (Legends Speak Mix)
11. Screaming Within
12. Struck Down
13. Debris
14. Final Spasm
15. The Lighter Surface
16. Loss Of Breath
17. Going Down (Re-Up Take)


Henrik Karlsson
Johan Kronberg

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seventrees expandingtheunknown


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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