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introOpera Concert Club, St. Petersburg, Russia
30th January 2016

Almost a week ago, Darkwave band SPIRAL69 finished their mini-tour in Russia, presenting the brand-new album ‘Second Chance’ for Russian fans in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The concert in Venice of the North in particular took place on the 30th of January, when a warm spring-like evening and an obvious wish to listen to new and old well-known and well-love songs by the trio live attracted a lot of fans of the genre to Opera Concert Club where the show was about to begin.

Of course, everything began with a pretty interesting support act PLANARA, St-Petersburg-based band, also presented to the audience their new self-titled and, if I’m not mistaken, sophomore album. In short the sound was good, the performance was worth seeing, especially at the end of the set, maybe also thanks to the warm welcome of the crowd and all in all this young, promising and ambitious project did a professional show. Meanwhile after a quick change-over it was time for SPIRAL69 to hit the stage.


Music & Performance
SPIRAL69 belongs to the category of bands, whose concert you’d better see once, because the records really can’t convey all the musical depths you will go through at the live show and definitely can’t create the atmosphere the audience could enjoy that evening to the full. The opening piece became new track ‘Your Halo’, a good choice to set the mood for the gig and lead the audience into the world of SPIRAL69, when sounds and images gradually appeared out of the dark gaining speed, power and sense and reached everyone in the crowd. The whole set was accompanied by pictures and videos projected on a big screen at the back of the stage. Soon the term “Darkwave” could be extended “dark heatwave” as the degree of emotions was growing constantly. The next song ‘We’ll Find Each Other in the Dark’ intensified everything and after a catchy chorus “we hate, we love”, the line that also describes the creative way of the band, people in the hall finally felt themselves as an active part of the concert and started dancing and clapping their hands, ready to go “naked” metaphorically of course, as it was the title of the next track.


The setlist consisted of songs from different releases, not only ‘Second Chance’, that’s why devoted fans of the band had a chance to listen to their favourite pieces, like ‘Please’, ‘Best Porno’ or ‘Love Is for Losers’ meanwhile newly converted ones could appreciate SPIRAL69 at their best in different music periods. However new songs were the most long-awaited and very interesting to hear live, especially ‘No Mercy’, which originally was performed with Italian actress and singer MIMOSA. This time even without the female vocals the song sounded no less, or maybe even more heartfelt and incredibly mesmerizing. After the main set there came a sort of surprise for the audience as the lead singer of the band Riccardo Sabetti left alone onstage with a guitar and performed ‘Five Years’ as a tribute to DAVID BOWIE, the composition which sounded beautiful and was quite unexpected, so it made the whole venue remain silent till the last chords. Another encore began with a cool drum solo, too short, but still extremely impressive.


As a finale the band chose ‘Erase’ from the debut album ‘A Filthy Lesson for Lovers’, pretty nice song and surprisingly positive played live. So on the positive note the concert came to an end, maybe, too soon, everyone wanted more and all the great songs were performed, but then there’s one more reason to come back next time.

01. Your Halo
02. We’ll Find Each Other in the Dark
03. Naked
04. Please
05. Best Porno
06. Liar
07. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smith Cover)
08. No Mercy
09. Goodbye
10. Love Is for Losers
11. Five Years (David Bowie Tribute)
12. Ritual
13. Second Chance
14. The Art of Losing Ground
15. Cold
16. When the Angels Leave
17. Rose
18. Erase

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10


All photos by Aleksey Sokolov (

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