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serpentyne theserpentskiss
Artist: Serpentyne
Title: The Serpent’s Kiss
Genre: Symphonic Rock
Release Date: 2016
Label: Serpentyne Music

Album Review

If the names like Helen of Troy and Jeanne d'Arc ringing a bell for you, you know what a jig is and you‘re aware of what's going on with ‘Game of Thrones’, you're on the right page! Additionally, if you have a NIGHTWISH or WITHIN TEMPTATION album in your collection, you'll want to hear SERPENTYNE as well. This British band exists for six years already and ‘The Serpent’s Kiss’ is their third studio album. While they started as a folk band, now the musicians opened a heavier metal horizon for their music. The current work has a bigger influence of power metal. Typical guitars, female opera vocals with ‘Game of Thrones’ theme variation - isn't it a dream combination? You also might want to study Macedonian and Croatian folk music, because those tunes are part of the record. Be also aware of other surprises: like really dedicated musicians the SERPENTYNE are open to experiments with quite unexpected results. ‘The Serpent’s Kiss’ is not an easy listening, it's a true mystery with lots of hidden treasures.


01. Spirits Of The Desert
02. The Dark Queen
03. Helen Of Troy
04. Jeanne d'Arc
05. Lammas Night
06. The Serpents Kiss
07. Salterello
08. Viking Blood
09. Brigantia
10. Morrighan's Jig
11. Game Of Thrones


Maggiebeth Sand - Lead voice, keyboards
Mark Powell - Hurdy-gurdy, guitar
Mathew Damian - Electric guitar
Mark Jenkins - Keyboards
Nigel Middletone - Bass & backing voice
John Haitheway - Drums & backing voice

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serpentyne theserpentskiss


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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