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traveler terminationshock
Artist: Traveler
Title: Termination Shock
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 24th April 2020
Label: Gates Of Hell

Album Review

Today I want to speak about Canadian Metal (again). Just two weeks ago I had the luck to see and experience TRAVELER on tour with MIDNIGHT FORCE and RIOT CITY and man it was one of the best gigs in years. In April TRAVELER will release their second full-length record named ‘Termination Shock’. TRAVELER is fronted by J.P Abboud, an absolute vocal whiz and Jack of all Trades (SYRINX, TRAVELER, GATEKEEPER, FUNERAL CIRCLE to name the playgrounds). He is accompanied and completed by skilled six-string duo Ries (HROM) and Schadlich (HAZZERD) and the beats and slaps of bass man Arnold (ex-STRIKER) and drummer Vallier (RIOT CITY, ex-HROM, ex-STINGER etc). After witnessing these guys live (I am still stoked) I was really looking forward to new material.

So now is the perfect time to let the press text speak a few words: “Highly anticipated second album from Canadian True Metal merchants! Just over a year after the release of their successful debut self-titled album, Calgary’s TRAVELER has returned with the high-voltage ‘Termination Shock’! The buzz on TRAVELER reverberated throughout the international Metal community in 2019. Their self-titled debut album quickly caught fire upon its release, with fans mesmerized by the band’s patented blend of old-school riffing, rafter-reaching vocals and duelling lead guitars. TRAVELER also proved their worth in the live arena, actively playing dates in their native Canada, the United States and also delivering the goods to rapturous European audiences, in particular, a well-received spot on Germany’s Keep It True festival.

Realizing that now was the right time to strike for the ever-important album number two, TRAVELER has returned in 2020 with ‘Termination Shock’. Tracked during the latter months of 2019 and early 2020 by producer Jan Loncick, ‘Termination Shock’ captures TRAVELER in full stride, their indomitable blend of early Speed Metal theatrics and Classic Metal know-how fleshed out even more thanks to the bevy of ideas from founding member and primary songwriter Matt Ries. Ries admits he approached ‘Termination Shock’ the same way he did for TRAVELER’s first demo - with no expectations, simply writing for the pure sake of enjoyment. Ries spent the better part of 2019 assembling the tracks for ‘Termination Shock’, fine-tuning the songs right up until TRAVELER hit the studio.

However, Ries had some additional help this time - vocalist Jean-Pierre Abboud wrote lyrics to every song but one, bassist Dave Arnold contributed a song from his previous band, Striker, and JP Fortin of Deaf Dealer gifted TRAVELER with a composition of his own. ‘Termination Shock’ benefits from more variety in TRAVELER’s arsenal - the album features some of the band’s fastest songs to date, complemented by an array of mid-tempo juggernauts and even some more progressive-leaning arrangements. The album title - provided by Arnold - laid the foundation for Abboud’s elaborate science-fiction storytelling, while cover artist Dylan Barstad once again perfectly illustrated TRAVELER’s world.”

Yeah, well what can I say? Instrumentally this is wild, fast and brilliantly executed. J.P’s vocals are dominant yet do not overshadow the instrumental narrative, no his voice is a vital part of it and yet the element that makes this band stand out is Abboud’s distinctive voice, a beautiful bastard of Axl Rose and Eric Adams, rough and versatile yet hitting high notes. The guys rip on CD and they rip live, aside from that they are a funny and nice bunch of dudes. Check out ‘Terra Exodus’ and instant classics like ‘Shaded Mirror’ just fine, fast and expertly composed Heavy Metal songs with riffs, hooks and kick-ass vocals. I have yet to wait if this I a grower (if so, I will come back to this over my social media). In the meantime just check out this new killer record from TRAVELER!


01. Shaded Mirror
02. Termination Shock
03. Foreverman
04. Diary of a Maiden
05. STK
06. After The Future
07. Deepspace
08. Terra Exodus


Matt Ries – Guitar
JP Abboud – Vocals
Chad Valier – Drums
Toryin Schadlich – Guitar
Dave Arnold – Bass

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traveler terminationshock


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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