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stonetemplepilots perdida
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Title: Perdida
Genre: Rock / Acoustic
Release Date: 7th February 2020
Label: Rhino Records / Warner

Album Review

When I got the news that STONE TEMPLE PIOTS would release an acoustic album I was thrilled and I hoped it would bear the spirit of their MTV-Unplugged show from 2003, that was never released as an album. The line-up has changed several times since 2003, with the loss of Chester Bennington as vocalist as the worst that could happen to a band. ‘Perdida’ (Spanish word for ‘loss’) pretty much hits the mood of the whole album and shows a reflection of what happened to the band. The songs are self-questioning and quoting the title track “Oh Perdida come and go / stay with me tonight / but in the morning please be gone” that is underlaid with keyboard, violin, viola and cello in the chorus gives you a clear idea, which direction all the songs on the album take.

Bassist Robert DeLeo explains that ‘Perdida’ reveals how music helped them process things like grief and the search for meaning, and ultimately create something beautiful out of pain. “When I had to go through things in my life, I found again and again that an honest dialogue with my guitar is the best therapy.” ‘Fare The Well’ as opener greets you in a melancholic style with some backing vocals that take you in a lounge-style mood. The music continues flowing while you are listening to the album, but they lack riffing that catch your attention and lyrics that have the ability to become a catchy chorus for a live show. Somehow it seems that the DeLeo’s somehow lost their creative and powerful approach over all the grief.

‘She’s My Queen’ has some intriguing flute tunes and somehow reminds you of a hippie-song. ‘Three Wishes’ becomes monotonous after a while and the percussion cannot convince you listening to the song longer than a few minutes before changing to the next song. ‘You found Yourself’ reminded me of the older stronger songs on previous releases but lacks the power of the Classic Rock. The album is a nice experiment and shows that STONE TEMPLE PILOTS know their instruments. The most interesting song are the ones with rather unexpected instruments like a flute but all in all it lacks the power and drive you are used to, if you are following STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.


01. Fare Thee Well
02. Three Wishes
03. Perdida
04. I Didn’t Know The Time
05. Years
06. She’s My Queen
07. Miles Away
08. You Found Yourself
09. I Once Sat At Your Table
10. Sunburst


Dean DeLeo – Guitar
Robert DeLeo – Bass
Eric Kretz – Drums
Jeff Gutt – Vocals


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stonetemplepilots perdida


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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