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Title: Ego Anthem
Artist: Tracedawn
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 25th September 2009
Label: Drakkar

Album Review

The young Finnish band just released its second album quick after the debut in 2008. Their new CD is called ‘Ego Anthem’ and the band surely shows they are not a big fan of waiting. The song ‘Make Amends’ jumps out after a short fade in and melodic sounds by keyboard following quickly. The known grunts alternated with clean vocals follow up soon. So, they don't waste time and get you right into the mood of their new CD! After the powerful ‘Make Amends’ they continue with ‘Part of the Wounded’ that kind of reminds me of CHILDREN OF BODOM. The song really shows some great edges with the alternating tempos and melodic parts combined with a sensitive solo. But with ‘The Scum’ they also show they have a lot of thrash influences. After those wild three songs, they are slowing down with ‘In Your Name’. The clean vocals combined with the keyboard-sounds make the song to a perfect piece that stands out.

But the next song ‘Your Way Is Not for Me’ shows that the band is not all into that “soft stuff”. It is powerful and contains some heavy sounds. ‘Dirt Track Speedball’ really lives up to his name. It starts off very fast and the speed stays during the whole song. With some great riffs and nice grunts it shows how talented those young guys are. Also, a nice solo jumps out during the song. ‘Repeating Mistakes’ is really powerful and pounding. The verses are rather short but still sung really nice. To me, the following song ‘Brain Attack’ is a real surprise on ‘Ego Anthem’. The song goes right into your head and stays there for quite a while. If you ask me, it could even be a song that is played on the radio. It is really accessible but of course, they never lose their characteristic melody lines. ‘The Forsaken’ is probably the most progressive song on the CD although the speed isn't all that fast. But it still definitely is a good finisher to the second album of those young Finnish guys.

Not too bad for a young gang of skilful musicians! TRACEDAWN clearly shows where they are coming from and who their idols are. But they still have their own sound, although I think 39 minutes for an album is a little short, with some great vocals, nice guitars and keyboards, the young guys definitely prove they are talented. And the upcoming tour will show their talent to the rest of the world. Watch out for these dudes!


01. Make Amends
02. Part of the Wounded
03. Scum
04. In Your Name
05. Your Way Is Not For Me
06. Dirt Track Speedball
07. Repeating Mistakes
08. Brain Attack
09. The Forsaken
Playing Time: 38:46 Min.


Antti Lappalainen - vocals
Tuomas Yli-Jaskari - guitar
Roni Seppänen - guitar
Pekko Heikkilä - bass
Vili Itäpelto - keyboards
Perttu Kurttila - drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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