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Title: RedRoom
Artist: Sell System
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 23rd July 2009
Label: Breakdown Records

Album Review

In October 2007, the 3 future band members decided that it was time to combine their previous experiences as musicians in other projects and gave birth to a band called ‘SELL SYSTEM’. In the second half of 2008, they would play many gigs and acquire a loyal following around them. 2009 sees the band entering the studio to record their debut album ‘RedRoom’ released in July 2009.

Overlaying rhythm sequences lead over to the crunchy patterns of the album opener ‘Silence of the Double Faces’. Singer Rikux has got a decent voice which, however, seems limited in the range it can cover. The following ‘Save Me’ comes with quite a simple dance beat as rhythmic foundation. On the contrary it’s comparatively complex in the way it uses textures to create moody environments. ‘Black Rose’ creatively incorporates acoustic guitar sounds into its synthetic fabric, which is an interesting approach for future compositions that hopefully will make an increased use of this instrument. ‘Afternoon Song’ builds up immense mood entities again and its whole compositional approach seems to be based on a tableau of the setting sun in late afternoon. Makes perfectly sense if you listen to the song. The ‘Simple Song’ is a narrative ballad living on the piano as main transport “device” of emotions, as the vocals mostly fail in accomplishing that goal and strike no chord with me.

For a debut album, SELL SYSTEM’s ‘Red Room’ still is a good effort. However, for a possible sophomore the band should improve the a bit stale sounding production of many tracks and the vocal range, as mentioned earlier, could be wider though many people probably deem it sufficient for this style of music.


01. Silence of the Double Faces - 3:19
02. Save Me - 5:37
03. Black Rose - 5:35
04. Egocentricity - 4:41
05. Afternoon Song - 4:15
06. Thrill of Pleasure - 3:45
07. I Want - 2:52
08. Simple Song - 5:44
09. Easy Life - 4:44
10. Obscurity - 4:25
11. Time with Me - 3:30


Rikux - Vocals, Synths, Editing
D@X - Grooves, Synths
Simon - Synths, Vocals


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Music: 7
Sound: 6
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10


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