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Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
Tristania, Moondust

After supporting Nightwish on their 2005 concerts in big arenas, the Norwegian metal band "Tristania", discovered quite the opposite of a huge audience in Krefeld: much less people in a smaller venue. "Moondust", a local newcomer gothic/metal band, supported "Tristania".

It was a very cold Wednesday evening, when I drove quite a few kilometers through wind and snow to see Tristania in Krefeld. Sad but true that there were only about 100 people to see the bands... probably caused by the very bad weather, which kept people away from getting out into the cold to listen to some good music and see a good show.


Eva Skamira (vocals), Denise Schuster (bass guitar & background vocals), Martin Krapohl (guitar & background vocals), Christoph Kozielski (keyboards & background vocals) and Dominik Grosser (drums) form a band which style theyself call Gothic-Rock. I would say this is Gothic Rock with Metal influences as well.

Thanks to the promoter of that evening I had the chance to be very early in the venue and see the soundcheck of "Moondust" (Thanks to CaVo :) ), and what I heard there made me very curious about the upcoming show. The band did not disappoint me. Eva´s fantastic voice is really the highlight of the band. Supported by a very clear sound and the instruments around, her voice spreads a gentle charm. The combination of heavy guitar and bass guitar, with the softer keyboard sounds, adds a lot to the music.

It seemed that the band was a bit nervous in the beginning, so they had a little dropout after the intro. But then they started with a lot of enthusiasm and caught their audience after a few songs. Eva and Denise are surely the eyecatchers of the band and tried to involve the audience into the show from the very beginning. Mostly red and blue lights in combination with smoke caused a mystic mood together with the music. I am sure that the band found some new friends of their music after that performance.

01. Just for tonight
02. Sonata luna
03. Fallen beauty
04. Replica
05. Escape
06. Our fantasies
07. Helpless queen
08. No way out

Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light 6
Total 7



After some concerts as support act of "Nightwish", the Norwegian band returned to a smaller venue for a show to promote their current album "Ashes". Probably everyone reading this review knows the symphonic metal sounds that is created by Vibeke Stene (female vocals), Østen Bergøy (vocals), Kjetil Ingebrethsen (extreme Vocals), Einar Moen (synth & programming), Anders H. Hidle (guitars), Rune Østerhus (bass guitar) and Kenneth Olsson (drums).

The sound was as clear as during the support act, which surely helped the entire show. Vibeke´s voice was very clear and also Østen sounded great. I did not really like the shouting of Kjetil, but that´s of course a matter of taste.

Even though there was such a small audience, the band gave as much as they would playing in front of thousands of people. Of course there was not as great light show as in the big arenas, but the facilities of the "Kulturfabrik" were sufficiently well used to create the right mood on stage. Vibeke was the focus of the show and the lights, and most of the male visitors appreciated that. With their bombastic, partly symphonic sound they even enjoyed a small audience that made it´s way to Krefeld under such bad outer conditions. The mixture of older and new songs should have pleased anyone.

01. Beyond the veil
02. World of glass
03. Cure
04. The wretched
05. Tender trip on earth
06. Angina
07. A sequel of decay
08. Circus
09. Selling out
10. The shining path
11. Aphelion
12. Angellore

Music 7
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light 7
Total 7 (7.45)


Kulturfabrik, Krefeld

The Kulturfabrik ( is a very good concert venue with a bigger and a smaller hall, and an area to rest with bar and chairs. The "Tristania" concert was taking place in the bigger hall because of the larger stage there.
Food and drinks
Due to the small amount of people, only the bar in the resting area was opened. They sell any kind of beaverages you might need for a reasonable price.

The Stage is about 10m wide and half as deep, clearly visible from the whole area... except perhaps from the places behind the columns in the hall.

Audience area
The audience area in the big hall grasps more than 1000 people and has an extra bar on one of the sides. Unfortunately this bar was closed that evening. You have a very good view from nearly all points in there, especially from the view higher levels in the back of the hall.

Even though there were not that much people and the staff might have been a bit disappointed, all were very nice and helpful.

Venue accomodation (7)
Staff (8)
Total 7 (7.25)

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