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Artist: Tantrum To Blind
Title: Walk Out
Genre: Pop / Punk / Rock
Release Date: 18th May 2011
Label: Headlock Music / Sideswipe Music / Warner Music

Album Review

TANTRUM TO BLIND was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. The four band members first meet each other in 2006 as students at the Stockholm Conservatory of Music. TANTRUM TO BLIND have made one interesting debut album. I like the mix of songs and sound on this album but I prefer the first half of it, because after the sixth song ‘Shaking’ the songs get faster, rougher, and in a way lose something that is hard to put my finger on. But it affects the end result of the album and gives it a feeling of being some uneven. ‘Big City Silence’ brings rougher guitars and a dirtier sound that works perfectly with Melanie Mohlkert’s voice. I like the way this song is built, the way it kind of pause up before the chorus. You hear intense guitars all through this song but towards the end there is a cool instrumental part before the song kick-start again. ‘Tell Me Once’ starts with a simple and lovely guitar intro and then Melanie’s voice slowly begins to tell the story. I like that it change and become faster with the chorus, but also that it calms down in between and you hear the beauty of her voice. I enjoy the emotions in this song and the way it reaches out and touches. ‘Shaking’ quickly became a favourite of mine; I simply love the energy in this song and the way it’s built with a good mix of rhythm and speed. The melody had me really falling for it together with the cool lyrics.


01. Get get get
02. Big City Silence
03. Tell Me Once
04. Liar Lines
05. Why Pretend
06. Shaking
07. Rise & Fall
08. Throw Me Away
09. Laurene
10. Over Now
11. Fireflies


Melanie Mohlkert – Vocals
Simon Janlöv – Guitars
Michael Cicero – Drums
Daniel Sandin – Bass


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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