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introGerry Weber Stadion, Halle (Westf), Germany
24th March 2012
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester - “Ich mach mein Ding“ Tour 2012

Don’t panic! UDO LINDENBERG rocked Halle and did his thing! This really was spectacular concert with a fireworks of musical and visual gems. For the fans, the tour was probably the most spectacular and exciting concert in his career. The tour title is Udo’s philosophy of life: “Ich mach mein Ding” (I’ll do my thing). And the “thing” this time meant an extraordinary event for ears and eyes, a tour like Udo never brought it to stage before. High expectations the press announcement rose and you can be sure that no one was disappointed! The show in Halle was sold-out! About 8,300 fans were showing up for this extraordinary concert evening.


German Rock musician Udo Lindenberg was born 1946 in Gronau. Already 1969, he was founding his first band. First as drummer and studio musician he gained experiences in music business. In early seventies, he was releasing first albums as vocalist, soon singing in German tongue. First real success gained the album ‘Andrea Doria’ in 1973 leading to a high paid record deal. Until today, he was always present in German Rock scene, releasing numerous albums, the latest studio album ‘Stark wie zwei’ dating back to 2008, but releasing an MTV unplugged album in 2011. Lindenberg is accompanied by the panic orchestra, changing line-up several times over the years. The current line-up is Steffi Stephan (bass, guitar), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (piano), Bertram Engel (drums), Hannes Bauer (guitar), Hendrik Schaper (keyboard, piano) and Jörg Sander (guitar). /


The headline of the current tour, “Ich mach mein Ding” (I’ll do my thing) could not be more fitting for this evening. Doing is thing also meant that there was no need for a support act. Nearly 3 hours pure Udo Lindenberg, more was not needed for an exciting evening. You saw a lot of Lindenberg-look-alikes in the hall showing their admiration for the grandfather of German Rock. Big LED lights were illuminating a white canvas in the back of stage. The panic orchestra (Panikorchester) entered the stage and then, when the canvas was taking down, Udo himself was carried into the hall in a big zeppelin flying in. With ‘Odyssee’, the rock circus had begun. And there’s a lot happening on stage during the whole show. Already the first song presents sailors and sailoresses for the backing vocals while two girls in tight space-like outfits welcome the captain with a kiss accompanied by fontains of smoke and blinking lights everywhere. From the very first note, Lindenberg has the audience in his hands, celebrating a great evening together. From the beginning, the show develops to a phenomenal spectacle.


You might see cello player and acrobat Emilia Arata stunting high up in the air in a transparent big ball, you see a vampire wafting over the stage and at the very end, you had fire columns heating up the hall. But even there is so much to see it is the music that’s most important and ‘Höllenfahrt’ is played as a tribute to musicians leaving earth before us all, like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix or Amy Winehouse, just to name a few, whose faces were shown on the backdrop. This backdrop was used furthermore during the whole show for various videos, most of them being live pictures from the running show. Of course, there was also room for political statements, like we know from Udo’s past. This time, it was against neo Nazis who no one wants and no one would ever miss. Generally spoken, Udo was talking a lot during the whole evening, often it was a little introduction to the following songs. Speaking about songs, the setlist offered everything a fan’s heart could hope for. ‘Horizont’, Sonderzug nach Pankow’, ‘Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria‘, ‘Cello’, ‘Reeperbahn’… no wish remained unfulfilled.


In the middle of the set, there was also time for calmer moments when some songs were performed acoustically. But if you think the whole show is only about Lindenberg is wrong. Anyone of stage is delivering its part, might it be the Panikorchester or the three backing singers, the artist, the dancers, vampire, and even a child’s choir asking together with him what wars are for (Wozu sind Kriege da). The show wouldn’t be the same without so many contributors. And a big share in the success of the whole show goes also to the sound and light engineers who did an amazing work. The encores contained Udo’s biggest hits and finally, he was climbing back into his zeppelin waving goodbye and leaving stage accompanied by big fire columns and a big, loud explosion. Surely a concert worth a visit!

01. Odyssee
02. Mein Ding
03. Boogie Woogie-Mädchen
04. Ganz anders
05. Cello
06. Sie brauchen keinen Führer
07. Was Hat Die Zeit Mit Uns Gemacht (with Nathalie Dorra)
08. Ich lieb' dich überhaupt nicht mehr
09. Höllenfahrt
10. Nimm dir das Leben
11. Leider nur ein Vakuum (acoustic)
12. Meine erste Liebe (acoustic)
13. 0 Rhesus Negativ (acoustic)
14. Straßenfieber
15. Wozu sind Kriege da
16. Mädchen aus Ostberlin
17. Gegen die Strömung (with Josephin Busch)
18. Honky Tonky Show (mit 6 Linden-Zwergen)
19. Der Greis ist heiß
20. Stark wie Zwei
21. Horizont (with Josephin Busch)
22. Bis ans Ende der Welt
23. Jonny Controlletti
24. Sonderzug nach Pankow
25. Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria
26. Candy Jane
27. Reeperbahn
28. Goodbye Sailor

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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