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Sonny (vocalist and guitarist of White Pulp)

The band recently release a new album called ‘Ashamed of Yourself’. We took the opportunity for a little talk with WHITE PULP about the release, how it is like tributing to MARILYN MANSON, tour plans, a new record and much more.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Why the name WHITE PULP, what does it symbolize and mean?
White Pulp (WP): It doesn't mean anything. It just sounded good and I really liked it.

RoD: Is WHITE PULP anything like POSTHUMAN (comment: POSTHUMAN is a MARILYN MANSON tribute band)?
WP: No. First of all POSTHUMAN is a tribute band so I can't compare nothing about that between the two bands. Then it's a complete different attitude and way to be onstage.

RoD: What was it like tributing to MARILYN MANSON?
WP: It was pretty cool, it was the "first big experience" and it gave us the chance to go all around Europe performing in legendary clubs and makes the skill on stage.

RoD: Is the tour your on now in support of your latest release?
WP: Yes, we promoted the album for almost one year and we are currently performing ‘Ashamed of Yourself’.

RoD: Who did the artwork, title, and lyrics for it?
WP: Alex Arroyo from NY, we made a contest and lot of people replied back sending photos, painting etc…he did that and it matched perfectly the idea of the record and we really liked what he did so.

RoD: When will we be seeing WHITE PULP in the U.S.?
WP: I hope really soon. We are trying to get us over there, probably with the next record cause at the moment if you are in US and you want our album you gotta go on iTunes, Napster, Amazon etc… Or order it in some stores. I think we need more and especially more promotion so as soon that we can make a deal we will come. I love L.A.

RoD: What are the future plans for the rest of 2009?
WP: Actually we are gonna perform a few more shows and then we'll be back in the studio to keep working on the new record. We have an acoustic set too kind of strange for a band like us but it seems people really like it so we are gonna play some shows. It's gonna be really different from what we usually do.

RoD: What was it like playing at the Whisky in Hollywood, CA back on February 9th 2006?
WP: I know that for an American band it's like: so what!? We are Italians and for us go in L.A. and have a mini tour performing in a club like the whisky where basically performed most of the band we grew up with. It was amazing.

RoD: What have been the smallest and largest crowds you've played in front of?
WP: I started to play long years ago and i think the first time I performed it was in front of 10 persons. The largest crowd was like 1,500 in Hungary. It was great.

RoD: What was the first show POSTHUMAN played and first show WHITE PULP played?
WP: POSTHUMAN like 4 years ago, WHITE PULP almost 2. But I was playing with other members.

RoD: What is the music scene like in Italy, any bands you'd recommend?
WP: Music scene in Italy sucks and I really mean it. Nobody gives a chance you have to go to promoters with numbers and show them that you are basically famous enough (like if you need them if you were famous) to be someone. There is no music culture, and that's why we don't really care to stay here we have fans around but we are a lot more fans outside of Italy. A band like us doesn’t have a big point or goal here.

RoD: What is one song you cannot live without?
WP: One of my favourite song is ‘And all that could have been’ from NIN. There is lot of songs I could not live without but I love this one.

RoD: What were you like as a kid and going through high school?
WP: I hated going to school, I think is one of the most boring thing ever. I know is important (for something) but at the same time I did just because I had to other wise I would avoid it 100%. As a kid I was always in trouble but I wasn't bad you know. I was just bored and curious so I had to invent something exciting everyday and apparently people, teachers etc… didn't like it.

RoD: If you could back in time, where, what, and why?
WP: I don't like to think about what it was or come back to the past. I want something new and better than before. I think I did what I could in my past and I took almost every time the right decision especially about music but I’m honestly looking in front of myself and I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep being excited about what I do. This is the most important thing for me.

RoD: Anything else you'd like to add?
WP: Thanks for your interest in WP and I hope to see you all soon in US.


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