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V for Violence

“The beginning of loathsome Finnish plague called V FOR VIOLENCE as it's very early form goes back to early 00's. During 2008 the V's got their present form, thus were the Quintet of Violence consisted: Salò, Jay Tan, Kunt, Varjo and Kock. It's music, V for violence aims to keep as effective as possible. All unnecessary artistic 'ego-fucks', epic middle parts, orchestras and 'instrumental-whatevers' are not found in V's songs.

V for violence has tendencies to balance between furious aggression and melancholic interpretation. Though, the music is basically metal, it has more in it. Influenced by many styles of music i.e. different subgenres of metal and rock as well as pop and punk, V for violence represents quite an interesting concept, that is potential for, not only metal heads, but also for bigger audience.” Check the band out at

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Give a brief summary on V FOR VIOLENCE for those not familiar with the band.
V for Violence (V): We're offering a bit different kind of metal music. Some refer us to Slipknot, some to 69 Eyes, some to Marilyn Manson. It would probably be called something like GothCore. Nowadays, in metal and rock music, the bands sound so similar with each others that it's already getting frustrating. V FOR VIOLENCE aims to keep it's music simple but fresh, distinctive yet effective.

RoD: ‘Constant of Death’, what can you say about that; it’s being considered as the first chapter?
V: It's just a way to tell that it's the first single release from our debut album. I am into concepts, and conceptual planning. Even if it's sometimes necessary to let go of so called artistic perversions for the financial profit, I want to underline the role of the song, or the release. Think of it as in a book there's chapters that are to divide the whole story in to shorter stories.

RoD: Who did the artwork, title, and lyrics for album, when you look on the final project, is there anything you wish you could have done differently?
V: Artwork, title and lyrics are/will be done by me, Jay Tan. We're all satisfied with the result. As boring as it might sound, we can truly say the album to be what we went to do. Naturally, with unlimited time, we would try some different approaches to some songs and whatever. Then the album just wouldn't ever be finished.

RoD: Why the name V FOR VIOLENCE, what does it symbolize?
V: It's the violence that's missing in rock/metal music these days. It's the violence that makes people entertained and excited. It's the violence that makes cities burn and people scream. Everyone will have some thoughts about the topic 'violence' and that's the way it is supposed to be.

RoD: You guys are based out of Finland, any band recommendations, what’s the music scene like there?
V: 80's rock and glam rock bands are popping up everywhere, just to recycle the old things over and over. But yeah, that's how it goes also in fashion. It's the time for big hair and small jeans, I see. Melodic Death / Trash Metal is doing well too but not really offering anything new. Industrial Metal / Rock is also getting more attention. For anyone into that type of music, I would suggest to check out Black Light Discipline (from the same label as we).And also Vanity Beach, offering some interesting New Wave stuff.

RoD: What are the upcoming plans for 2009?
V: In May, the first single and also a video for it. On B-side, there's a Turmion Ktilt singer featuring. Somewhere around September, the second single (probably video too). And supposedly, in September, the debut album. We'll see if there's going to be a third single afterward with some nice bonuses.

RoD: You guys are a part of "The Garage Countdown 2009 Finland" competition, how did that come about.
V: Well, yeah, we participated that contest with our video 'Boy Called Fucker' already in 2008. It started again in 2009. It's just a way to get some attention. After all, TV is an effective media. We got some good feedback and got picked as the second best video in show host's top 5. That was nice, but the competition itself reaches quite small audience. With the upcoming video, the aims are on a bit higher level, when it comes to TV airplay. We'll see how it goes.

RoD: Describe a V FOR VIOLENCE show for those who have not seen you perform.
V: It is intensive. It might get a bit too crazy sometimes, though. The first gigs we played got a bit out of hands. It's not the most polite thing to do to start breaking the main act's speakers just when our own show begins... I still owe some money for the stuff I've wrecked on stage. Haha! Sorry. But don't get me wrong, we're just about to be known as a band. The first 'demo' (Promo 2008) came out in summer 2008. Now, by label deal, we're expecting for things to actually start happening.

RoD: Any weird activity on MySpace lately?
V: Not really. Though, that is a place for weirdos and all kinds of freaks, they all just fit in nicely. Haha. Of course, every now and then, you get some suggestion from people, but they're all welcome.

RoD: Have you ever run into the same questions for an interview twice?
V: No. Not so many questions asked so far. But it might also be so 'cos we're such a new thing to be found and to be introduced to people. After all, we're just about to get our first official material out. There would be more to answer in that question later when there's more to refer to. If you know what I mean.

RoD: Do you ever get tired of hearing the same questions from Journalists?
V: No. Bring it on, lovers and haters!

RoD: When you look back on when V FOR VIOLENCE first started out until now, what do you think?
V: After we really decided to take this band thing somewhere, things started to happen amazingly fast. Like I already mentioned, we did our first demo in summer 2008. Few months passed and we got an offer to do our first video and around those times, a label deal was offered. I think the whole band is still kind of overwhelmed about it all. And, of course, glad that we got it rolling on.

RoD: Are you the main interviewer when it comes to interviews?
V: Yes, I would say so. Even though, every member has an essential role in V FOR VIOLENCE's work flow, so far, most of the songs are written by me. And, of course, since I'm writing the lyrics, I know best what's that the band is trying to say to the listener.

RoD: If you had a chance to go back in time, where, what, and why?
V: I wouldn't. I'd probably just fuck things up more than the first time. Okay, that's boring answer. Let's say, that I'd go at the Crucifiction of Jesus Christ at Golgatha, and later on, the text Pilate wrote on the cross above JC's head, would say nothing about him being the King of Jews, but simply stated VFV WAS HERE. Now that should be good promotion by any standards.

RoD: Anything else you'd like to add?
V: Thanks for the interview, it was a pleasure. And for anyone interested in checking out some good and catchy new tunes, visit Remember to check out the single ‘Constant of Death’. It's definitely going to break both your heart and face.

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