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John Kevill of Warbringer

WARBRINGER, are these the five founding members that started all the wars currently erupting in the world right now? Or are they the cure to something, come to think of it I believe they are a cure, a cure to our boredom of hearing the same old music over and over again. Putting a twist on a classic genre known as thrash metal and these Americans know how to twist things up.

Having formed in 2004 under the name ONSLAUGHT but later learned this name was taken by a UK act, they knew WARBRINGER would be a better suited name. As soon as WARBRINGER had claimed their pride Century Media took notice and signed them on to now releasing two LP's ‘War without End’ (2008) and ‘Waking into Nightmares’ (2009) which have both allowed the band to accomplish numerous events and tours already. This is just the beginning, front man John Kevill discussed the band's upcoming plans and arrangements on how the newest album came into view.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): First off, thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview. Seems like this year has been really big for you guys... ‘Waking into Nightmares’ is causing quite a buzz and has been met with high praise. Did you guys think that the album was going to be so well received?
Warbringer (John): We were hoping so! It's not out yet so we can't tell for sure, but we think that the band became much stronger musicians between the first and second albums and that it shows.

RoD: What was the writing process like with ‘Waking into Nightmares’ compared to your debut CD? What were some of your greatest influences when writing ‘Waking into Nightmares’?
John: The influences were similar to the first album; we already had a sound figured out and at this point are mostly drawing on our own internal ideas to expand upon it. The writing process was very different because we had a little over 2 months to do this one, whereas the first we had almost 4 years.

RoD: If you had to explain WARBRINGER to someone who has never heard any of your music, how would you explain it? What sets your band apart from any similar band in your genre?
John: I would describe our music as being directly focused on maximum aggression and intensity. I think we set ourselves apart from most thrash bands with a few things; we have a bit more death metal in the rhythms, but sometimes more melodic playing in the leads. We also try to keep our song arrangements really compact, and try to blend our favourite qualities of our influences without sounding directly like them.

RoD: Where did you guys come up with the name WARBRINGER and how did the band come to be? Why the switch up from ONSLAUGHT to WARBRINGER?
John: I wish people would stop asking about this! We never recorded or performed under the name ONSLAUGHT, hell, we didn't even have a full line-up. For all intents and purposes the band was never called anything but WARBRINGER.

RoD: Do you ever get tired or annoyed by hearing the same questions from Journalists?
John: Depends, the last one yes! Usually though it is not a big deal.

RoD: What should your fans expect from you the rest of 2009?
John: More tours, more violence! We plan to tour as much and as many places as we can the rest of this year.

RoD: What is your favourite WARBRINGER song?
John: There are a few. I like ‘Combat Shock’, ‘Total War’, ‘Shoot to Kill’, ‘Severed Reality’, ‘Abandoned by Time’ and ‘Forgotten Dead’ a lot. It’s too hard to narrow it down.

RoD: What are some of your most eagerly awaited releases this year? What are your all-time favourite albums and all-time favourite guilty pleasure albums?
John: N/A.

RoD: How is the current tour been treating you, how have the fans been reacting to the new material as to your old material.
John: The tour with KREATOR and EXODUS has been amazing so far! People have been reacting great to all of our material, old and new.

RoD: After this current tour is over any other tours you have in store, I'd like to see you guys go out with AVENGER OF BLOOD, again.
John: That's not a question! But we are doing that in June, we are doing some shows with them around the west. You are in luck!

RoD: So your main theme by the looks of it revolves around the war?
John: Yes and no. We have less war themed songs on this second album. I like to write about all things destructive, aggressive, or demoralizing, and war is certainly one of those things.

RoD: Who do you think is the wildest while out on the road?
John: In our band? Ben. He rages like a mad beast sometimes. The rest of us are usually pretty mellow dudes.

RoD: What is one thing you have yet to accomplish as WARBRINGER?
John: Go to South America! Go to Japan! Go to Russia! All kinds of things we are just getting started!

RoD: Summer flick that you have to see?
John: Well, there is the new terminator coming out, I will definitely have to see that.

RoD: Anything else you'd like to add?
John: Hammer on! See you out on the road!


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