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warbringer worldtornasunder
Artist: Warbringer
Title: World Torn Asunder
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 23rd September 2011
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

In 2004, the Californian band WARBRINGER was founded as ONSLAUGHT, but had to rename themselves since there already exists a famous British Thrash Metal group with the same name. Ever since, WARBRINGER play Old School Thrash Metal, strongly influenced by acts such as SLAYER or early EXODUS. After two demos and one EP, the debut ‘War Without End’ was released in 2008 and only weeks later, the band also toured in Europe as support for NAPALM DEATH. Through their excessive touring, WARBRINGER have managed to establish a good reputation as a live act. In 2011, ‘World Torn Asunder’ succeeds the second record ‘Waking Into Nightmare’ (2009).

The opener ‘Living Weapon’ already makes clear what ‘World Torn Asunder’ - Old School Thrash Metal made in the year of 2011. Fast guitars, brutal drumming and extreme riffs are guided by hateful and harsh vocals. ‘Shattered Like Glass’ appears to be a bit more grooving, whilst ‘Wake Up… Destroy’ veers forward in a very brutal and aggressive way - the chorus as well as the hooks are very remarkable and got easily stuck in my ears. ‘Future Ages Gone’ includes interesting harmonies and riffs, whilst ‘Savagery’ could have also been found on SLAYER’S ‘Show No Mercy’. In general, the influences of early 80’s Thrash Metal cannot be overheard and still, WARBRINGER include their very own attitude into the music. ‘Treacherous Tongue’ is probably the shortest and at the same time fastest song of the album and is comparable to MUNICIPAL WASTE, who play a similar style but in a more chaotic way. The following ‘Echoes From The Void’ begins with an acoustic intro, but continues in the usual fast, aggressive manner without any compromises.

In general, ‘World Torn Asunder’ does not offer any surprises or failures. It is a logical continuance of their previous works and WARBRINGER’s goal is clear - to keep Old School Thrash Metal alive, especially in times of musical effeminacy. One might blame them for their lack of originality and they are indeed not reinventing the wheel. Yet, that was probably never their task or intention. In general, the record is well-produced and presents Thrash Metal the way it has to sound. Fans of Old School Thrash Metal will surely find their pleasure in this record and furthermore, WARBRINGER’s live presence will also be improved with this new album at hand.


01. Living Weapon (4:22)
02. Shattered Like Glass (3:22)
03. Wake Up… Destroy (4:42)
04. Future Ages Gone (3:56)
05. Savagery (5:02)
06. Treacherous Tongue (2:23)
07. Echoes From The Void (5:37)
08. Enemies Of The State (3:11)
09. Behind The Veils Of Night (3:22)
10. Demonic Ecstasy (5:33)


John Kevill – Vocals
John Laux – Guitar
Adam Carroll – Guitar
Andy Laux – Bass
Carlos Cruz – Drums

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warbringer worldtornasunder


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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