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Artist: Welle:Erdball
Title: Der Kalte Krieg
Genre: Future Pop / Synth Pop
Release Date: 28th October 2011
Label: SPV - Synthetic Symphony

Album Review

So people, have you already tuned in your receivers? Because WELLE:ERDBALL is on air again! It’s been just a year after the release of their kind of radio play / DVD ‘Operation: Zeitsturm’. In a week we will have a chance to listen to the band’s brand new album, which is called ‘Der Kalte Krieg’ (‘The Cold War’). The Cold War is one of the darkest periods in history. The time of indefiniteness, distrust, fear and at the same time it was the period of great hopes, deeds and progress. Space exploration and science progress could lead to a nuclear war. The third World War was a question of pushing a little red button, what could happen any moment. The band represents the tense atmosphere of the Cold War era.

The music cabinet is open and we hear the melody of the ‘Swan Lake’, which transforms into a war ballad, spiced with war-samples, such as different commands and parts of public speeches. ‘Der Kalte Krieg’ is one of the non-covers and new songs on the album, as well as ‘Deutsche Liebe (C=64)’. Do you remember the song ‘VW-Käfer’ from the album ‘Wunderwelt der Technik’? Put this song together with lyrics of RAMMSTEIN’s ‘Pussy’ and you will get ‘Deutsche Liebe’. The lyrics of the song are about the guy who travels around the world (high possible on his VW), but in difference to the lyrical hero of RAMMSTEIN’s song, this guy finds Germany the best place in the world. ‘Ein bisschen Frieden’ is the song by NICOLE, which brought the victory for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 1982. In context of this album it has an extra meaning. “A bit more piece, a bit more sun for the planet we live on” - says the lyrics of the song. Full of hope this song sounds modern even today.

The rest of the album is covers and remixes. There are WELLE:ERDBALL’s interpretations of ‘James Bond Theme’, ‘Vor all den Jahren’ originally by STAHLNETZ, ‘Feuerwerk’ by STEFAN REMMLER and NINA, ‘If You want to sing out’, known from the movie ‘Harold & Maude’, a sad song about a bug Karl, whose world is destroyed, ‘Karl der Käfer’ originally sang by GÄNSEHAUT, ‘Eine Neue Zeit’ by DER LIEDERKRANZ, ‘Kabinett’ by THE CABINET, based on the famous German horror ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, and ‘Hab ich Dir heute schon gesagt, dass ich Dich liebe’ by CHRIS ROBERTS. All of these hits are sound like a traditional pieces of WELLE:ERDBALL and are totally reborn. And here it is: A time machine of today. Most of the original versions are from 80th, but its atmosphere brings the feeling of joy and hope, which could probably our parents feel, when Gagarin was in open space, or Armstrong landed on the moon. ‘James Bond Theme’ as an anthem of all the spies brings kind of alarm to this album. All in all ‘Der Kalte Krieg’ is gates to both time directions: to the past as well as to the future.


01. Welle: Erdball (Hörspiel-Intro)
02. James Bond-Thema
03. Deutsche Liebe (C=64)
04. Feuerwerk
05. Eine Neue Zeit
06. Amerika (Compact Phasing "A"merika - Remake by Hertzinfarkt)
07. Kabinett
08. If You want to sing out, sing out
09. Vor all den Jahren
10. Starfighter F-104S (The Girl & the Robot-Remix)
11. Der Kalte Krieg (Beweg Dein Gehirn...JETZT!)
12. Karl der Käfer (C=64)
13. Hab ich dir heute schon gesagt, daß ich Dich liebe
14. Ein bisschen Frieden
15. Sendeschluss (Hörspiel-Austro)


Honey – Lyrics, vocals
ALF – Music, Programming
Fräulein Venus – Vocals
Fräulein Plastique – Vocals


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 7

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