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insomnium08Gruenspan, Hamburg, Germany
20th January 2017
Insomnium, Barren Earth & Wolfheart

The sound of the soul and the long winter nights of Finland has his own name, it' called INSOMNIUM. Together with WOLFHEART, self-called "winter metal" and BARREN EARTH, progressive death metal, both also from Finland, the feeling of the evening is completed. On 20th January, they let feel Hamburg the ice-cold, melancholic side of Finland. INSOMNIUM also presented for the first time their new album ‘Winter's Gate’, a name, which could not be better chosen. Sadly, INSOMNIUM took the winter nights too serious, so that their show was in the beginning absolutely dark and the moon rose just at the middle of the show.


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Barren Earth

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All Pictures by Cengiz Aglamaz

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