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DSC 3012Rockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
21st December 2017
Gentleman MTV Unplugged Tour

Tillmann Otto, better known by his stage name GENTLEMAN, is a German reggae musician. With songs like ‘Send a Prayer’, GENTLEMAN expresses his deep belief in God, without referring to a particular religion. His album ‘Confidence’ climbed to number 1 on the German album charts in 2004. Due to the overwhelming response, GENTLEMAN went on tour again this year with his acclaimed “MTV unplugged” show. This time however, for the last time. In winter 2017, GENTLEMAN is one more time presenting his unique music project, again with first-class musicians and high-profile guests on stage. To prepare for the concerts, the album ‘The Selection’ was released in June this year - the best songs of recent years. Suitable for the pre-Christmas period, it is an ideal opportunity to end the year in a contemplative way.

The show itself was great. The first 20 minutes, his background singers came on stage and performed three classical reggae songs, like ‘Is this love’. Then, GENTLEMAN came on stage himself, limping. He explained that he has a little injury on the leg and that he couldn't jump a lot so it is more important that the people give all their energy to jump when he has to jump. The Luxembourgish crowd obeyed and the atmosphere was great. But he didn't show his pain and jumped though.

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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