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Sunrise AvenueLanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
19th March 2018
Sunrise Avenue – “Heartbreak Century Tour” – Support: Tim Kamrad

“All rush through life in search of the perfect partner, the perfect body, the perfect job. We are no longer willing to compromise because we have unlimited choices that make us more and more insatiable. We are better networked globally than ever before and at the same time we are heartbroken because we are lonely. Instead of enjoying life, we hunt it down virtually on smartphone displays.” - Samu Haber

It is a recognized civilization disease that SUNRISE AVENUE musically deal with on their fifth studio album ‘Heartbreak Century’ (release: 6th Oct 2017): the return to real values, to real feelings and real, handmade pop rock. Together with three different producers, Samu Haber (vocals, guitar), Raul Ruutu (bass), Sami Osala (drums) and Riku Rajamaa (guitar) worked on ‘Heartbreak Century’ for almost twelve months. In addition to the longtime regular producer Jukka Immonen, the pieces were recorded in Berlin, Helsinki and Stockholm under the aegis of German Nicolas Rebscher (Adel Tawil, Alice Merton) and 25-year-old Swede Victor Thell (Alessia Cara, Alexander Brown). Already last autumn, the band presented the new album live during a sold-out tour through Europe and now, SUNRISE AVENUE are back in the big arenas, playing a sold-out show at Cologne’s Lanxess Arena in front of mostly girls, screaming their lungs out.

Tim Kamrad

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Sunrise Avenue

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01. Prisoner in Paradise
02. Beautiful
03. Unholy Ground
04. Little Bit Love
05. I Help You Hate Me
06. Hurtsville
07. Heartbreak Century
08. Never Let Go
09. Room
10. Lifesaver
11. Question Marks
12. Flag
13. I Don't Dance
14. Afterglow
15. Forever Yours
16. Let Me Go
17. Point of No Return
18. Fairytale Gone Bad
19. Home
20. Hollywood Hills

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