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 D4S6454 kleinKleine Freiheit, Osnabrück, Germany
16th August 2018
The Soft Moon & Matteo Vallicelli

THE SOFT MOON is the project of Luis Vasquez. The Berlin-based musician from San Francisco released his fourth studio album, ‘Criminal’, on February 2, 2018, and was touring through five German cities. His music is hypnotic, psychedelic and sombre. With a lot of passion and emotion, Vasquez has been one of the best and most successful artists in this field for years with his experimental mix of Darkwave, Post-Punk and Krautrock.

‘Criminal’ is an impressive and important part of his life - both artistically and emotionally. In 2014, he accompanied DEPECHE MODE as support on their German tour. The demand for the concerts in March was big; all three Berlin shows and the Cologne show were sold out! Consequence is the confirmation of three more dates in August 2018 and there are already more shows confirmed for autumn 2018. Last Thursday, THE SOFT MOON played a concert at the Kleine Freiheit in Osnabrück, supported by a short set of electronic musician MATTEO VALLICELLI.

Matteo Vallicelli

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The Soft Moon

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01. Deeper
02. Burn
03. Insides
04. Choke
05. Dead Love
06. Like a Father
07. Total Decay
08. Far
09. Wrong
10. Alive
11. The Pain
12. Give Something
13. Die Life
14. Black
15. Want

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