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Aversion CrownKleiner Klub, Saarbrücken, Germany
2nd February 2019
Aversions Crown & Psycroptic + Special Guests: Within Destruction, Hadal Maw, Hollow World

Welcome to the next Deathcore Festival at the Kleiner Klub! On this Saturday the Neugäßchen-Straße was once again filled with people dressed in black. The reason was the Australians from AVERSIONS CROWN and PSYCROPTIC.

Early on the fans gathered at the door of the Kleiner Klub. Unfortunately, some had to wait over an hour before the doors finally opened. But that didn’t change the mood. Quickly a beer fetched and immediately to the stage, because 10 minutes after admission already began the first band HOLLOW WORLD from Melbourne, Australia. HOLLOW WORLD already have an excellent connection to the alien theme of AVERSIONS CROWN, further up in the lyrics. Of course, the hollow earth isn’t really inhabited by aliens, but by reptiloids, you know, but that doesn’t matter now. After a short break, on the very small stage the evening continued. Another band from Melbourne: HADAL MAW. With HADAL MAW the audience welcomed one of the most promising new acts from the Tech/ Deathcore-Underground. In any case the singer Sam Dillon provided entertainment. With crazy gestures and grimaces he seemed to cast a spell over Saarbrücken.

The first people also woke up slowly, so that everything was ready for WITHIN DESTRUCTION. The Slovenians shows how to be brutal and aggressive in equal parts, but also melodic and groovy. One mosh pit after another followed, Saarbrücken finally woke up and the audience was definitely ready for AVERSIONS CROWN. Brisbane, the city that produced THE AMITY AFFLICTION, is also the birthplace of AVERSIONS CROWN, who rely on a flat-rolling Brutalo Deathcore. Their content deals with topics like aliens who want to get in the way of mankind and other unsightly things. Last but not least, the Tech-Death-metallers PSYCROPTIC, who also come from Australia, finished the successful evening at Kleiner Klub on that Saturday.

Hollow World

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Hadal Maw

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Within Destruction

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Aversions Crown

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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