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Loïc NottetCity Sounds - Glacis in Concert, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg
9th August 2021
Open-Air “City Sounds” – Loïc Nottet

On the Glacis car parking lot in Luxembourg, the City Sounds will offer contemporary music between 4th and 15th August. The programme of concerts is organised in partnership with the “den Atelier”. The German reggae singer GENTLEMAN, who has already come to Luxembourg several times, will perform on 10th August. Also on the programme are singer LOÏC NOTTET (9th August), Belgian singer AXELLE RED (8th August) and German Rap veteran SIDO (12th August). Reflections of Darkness was at the LOÏC NOTTET concert for you on Monday evening and will also be at GENTLEMAN on Tuesday.

LOÏC NOTTET is a young Belgian singer, songwriter and dancer. Discovered in the TV talent show “The Voice Belgium” in 2014, Loïc stands out for the distinctive sound of his voice but also for his amazing stage performances.

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Following his participation, LOÏC NOTTET recorded a video cover of the hit ‘Chandelier’, following the viral video that had the whole world on the edge of their seats as he performed the same song without being aware of being filmed (a video that has now reached over 14 million views on YouTube). In other words, a performance that attracted the attention of a considerable number of internet users from all over the world, but especially that of the artist Sia who decided to retweet it, saying of his cover: “The cover, the video and the choreography are incredible”. In 2015, the 25-year-old composed his first single ‘Rhythm Inside’, written by his coach of “The Voice Belgium” BJ Scott, which became a gold record in Belgium but also in Sweden. In 2018, ‘On Fire’ was released, also available in an acoustic version, to critical acclaim. In 2019, ‘29’ was released, which already has more than 2.4 million views on YouTube, and which announced a powerful and emotional album ‘Sillygomania’.

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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