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HundredsFZW, Dortmund, Germany
15th May 2022
Hundreds - “The Current Tour” & Support: Field Kit

After the orchestra show at the Elbphilharmonie (January 12, 2020 Hamburg) regarding the 10th band anniversary is already sold out, in spring 2020, HUNDREDS planned to go back to their routes with louder sounds, an impressive performance and light show while playing the large “The Current Tour” following the release of the new album. Two years and a pandemic later, the band finally enters German stages with their new album, supported by FIELD KIT from Berlin.

Field Kit

The Berlin based FIELD KIT is the musical collective centred on the violinist and composer Hannah von Hübbenet. While Hübbenet’s film scores might have laid the foundation for her sound, her collaboration with John Gürtler brings the music to the forefront - showcasing a unique and dynamic compositional voice that has its own conceptual grounding. As support for HUNDREDS, they presented thirty minutes of spheric music, based on violin and electronic sounds. /

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The siblings Eva and Philipp Milner know how to interweave the organic with the electronic like few in the German Pop landscape, to underlay big melodies and emotions with a constant pulse of electronic beats and synths that quickly crawls under your skin. In addition to a musical review of the last decade, HUNDREDS were presenting songs from their current album, which was released on March 27th, 2020. ‘The Current’ has many facets. The connecting and title-giving current is caused by the sound trademarks of Philipp and Eva’s, as always, beautiful singing. The audience experienced carefully arranged Electro Pop songs performed with great enthusiasm, which promise unique and euphoric evenings with their melancholic charisma. Slow and acoustic songs were alternating with danceable pieces of Techno versions. Very diversified evening in a cosy atmosphere. /

01. Riptide (Intro)
02. The Current
03. In the Air
04. Beehive
05. Fighter
06. Our Past
07. Grab the Sunset
08. Ten Headed Beast
09. Black Sea (Electro Acoustic Version)
10. Ready Shaking Silent (with Techno part)
11. Rabbits on the Roof (with Techno part)
12. Happy Virus
13. Let’s Write the Streets

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  • _D3S7223_klein
  • _D3S7225_klein
  • _D3S7230_klein
  • _D3S7233_klein
  • _D3S7237_klein
  • _D3S7242_klein
  • _D3S7249_klein
  • _D3S7255_klein
  • _D3S7277_klein
  • _D3S7278_klein
  • _D3S7283_klein
  • _D3S7292_klein
  • _D4S4601_klein
  • _D4S4608_klein
  • _D4S4613_klein
  • _D4S4616_klein
  • _D4S4617_klein
  • _D4S4622_klein
  • _D4S4624_klein
  • _D4S4626_klein
  • _D4S4632_klein
  • _D4S4635_klein
  • _D4S4638_klein
  • _D4S4639_klein
  • _D4S4649_klein
  • _D4S4651_klein
  • _D4S4653_klein
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All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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