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wfest2019 logoW-fest will take place at the same location as the legendary Festival D'amougies, the 5-day pop, (prog) rock and jazz festival that took place on 24th to 28th of October in 1969 with amongst others the legendary Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Yes, Caravan, Captain Beefheart, Soft Machine en Ten Years After. This festival was also called the “Woodstock of Europe” and attracted about 80,000. There are already lots of artists confirmed and yesterday, the festival announced two new names: KILLING JOKE and TYSKE LUDDER

Unpredictable! This is in one word the perfect description of W-Festival, as well as the equivalent of one the most legendary post-punk bands from the 80s, KILLING JOKE. For some W-Fans, this comes as no surprise, as a little bird went around whispering it in their ears... But now you can officially see the white smoke emanate from our W-Fest chimney. Till the fearless come and the act is done…

The troops of TYSKE LUDDER are also marching to the W-Front. TYSKE LUDDER has always been just a little bit different: provocating, enthralling and authentic. Each of their songs speak about intense, far-reaching events of the past years which guarantees an explosion on each stage. Think of Dr. Strangelove, wrapped in a German EBM look. TYSKE LUDDER joins the already fantastic line-up of Saturday the 17th of August.

Enjoy the pre-sale promo until the 1st of December & go to tickets.

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