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faunacoustic2012Here's the latest message from FAUN: The year 2012 has just started, an ice-cold winter freezes Europe, but Faun warm us on the joy of creating music, of course, near a well-fired furnace...


A lot is happening in the house of FAUN, as we know there is nothing as consistent as change: Rairda has left FAUN, to dedicate herself more on her family. We want to say 'thank you' for the wonderful time together and wish her good luck! But luckily in the end everything turns out to be the way it is supposed to be. Therefore we are very happy and proud to announce that these two amazing musicians will be joining FAUN from March 2012 onwards:

SONJA DRAKULICH (from California / USA) is one of the finest singer in the international contemporary world music scene. With her band "STELLAMARA" and collaborations with musicians like Ross Daly, she is an internationally acclaimed and successful singer / musician and will join FAUN in vocals, hammered dulcimer and percussions. STEPHAN GROTH (from Dresden / Germany) is known to be one of the most promising hurdy-gurdy player in the German folk music scene. With his fusion-Folk project "Zirp" and his medieval ensemble "Liederlicher Unfug" he already has shown his amazing virtuosity (he already got the Nickname PAGAN-ini from our crew) He will join FAUN from 2012 on in vocals, hurdy-gurdy, cistern and whistles.

We are already working on new Songs and the first collaboration gives us the feeling, that its gonna be amazing. We ourselves are very much looking forward to the coming ACOUSTIC TOUR in March 2012 with this new line up and a new program. And from end of April on, we will again tour with our big festival / open air show, completed by Niel Mitra and his magical beats and for the first time in the history of FAUN with 6 musicians on stage.


We in Faun have the luck to live our music in many different Facets and have also to perform it in different ways. Same as we really enjoy to play the fast, intensive and impulsive side of our music on the festivals in Summer, we look forward to present the more calm, balladesqe tones appropriate for the colder months, at atmospheric places such as churches and theaters. On FAUN ACOUSTIC concerts romantic ballads meet an endless fund of medieval instruments such as harp, fiddle, lute, bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy. A concert-experience that invites you to linger and listen. Also this year we want to spend with you mystical dreamy evenings on the FAUN ACOUSTIC TOUR 2012. In selected seated locations we will take you with ballads and medieval songs in past times. This will be also the first opportunity to see our new Faun members Stephan Groth and Sonja Drakulich performing on stage

The dates for the FAUN ACOUSTIC TOUR 2012
Thu. 15.03.12 - D - Munich 80636 - Freiheiz
Fri. 16.03.12 - D - Giessen 35390 - Pankratiuskapelle
Sat. 17.03.12 - D - Erfurt 99084 - Stadtgarten
Sun. 18.03.12 - D - Magdeburg 39104 - Festung Mark
Tue. 20.03.12 - D - Bochum 44787 - Christuskirche
Wed. 21.03.12 - NL - Tilburg 5038CV - 013
Thu. 22.03.12 - D - Bremen 28309 - Tivoli
Fri. 23.03.12 - D - Leipzig 04277 Werk 2
Sat. 24.03.12 - D - Ottweiler 66564 Club Schulz
Fri. 20.04.12 - D - Würzburg 97070 - St. Stephan
Sat. 21.04.12 - D - Heidelberg 69115 - Providenzkirche
Sun. 22.04.12 - D - Stuttgart 70191 - Wagenhallen
Thu. 26.04.12 - D - Cologne 50733 - Kulturkirche
Sun. 29.04.12 - D - Nuremberg 90441 - Hirsch

Source: Newsletter

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