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thenewblack‘Count Me In’ as free download: One week before the release of their new album „III: Cut Loose“, German heavy rockers offer their single as a free download. To download: Just register at with the code "MG52K2V". Alternatively you can visit Comments the band: „Blackies & Blackettes! Thanks for the impressive click rates and all the comments to the ‘Count Me In’ clip. Now you can take the song with you wherever you go, in the car, to the bar, visiting mom or your next stint on a red carpet somewhere. Download it, crank it! See you on March 15th in Düsseldorf or in April on the Rock‘n‘Roll Overdose tour!"

The clip to ‘Count Me In’ ( shows a young lady fighting off a bunch of „evil“ middlefingers. The role is played by Cindy Wenk, who shortly after the filming was voted „Bild Girl 2013“ by Germany‘s biggest tabloid paper - and can be seen in the current issue of Playboy. There has been rumours about half the band becoming quite nervous in hindsight, while the rest plays it cool: „See? We know even before them all! Fludid was it, he knows all the beautiful ladies. Congratulations! To Cindy, not Fludid...“

„III: Cut Loose“, the third album by THE NEW BLACK, will be released on March 15th. The regular edition contains 12 tracks, whereas the limited digipak version offeres another studio song as bonus and not less than four moody acoustic compositions. That‘s a total of whopping 17 songs! For the song ‘Superhuman Mission’ the band invited two old friends to the studio for some screaming: Chris Birx of Motorjesus, a group that THE NEW BLACK played their first gigs with in 2009, and Tyler Voxx of The Bulletmonks. The result: FAT! On March 15th, the band will be playing a special release show in Düsseldorf, in April they will be part of the Rock‘n‘Roll Overdose tour all over Germany.

Source: Newsletter

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