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thismornomina2016It is not without pride and anticipation that Dependent announces the signing of This Morn' Omina and the release of their forthcoming album "Kundalini Rising" on Dependent. The collaboration between Mika Goedrijk and Karolus Lerocq, who joined the lineup in 2010 has often been hailed as the pioneers of the Tribal Industrial genre. However, the band itself rather labels its music as "Ritual Musik". We were specifically impressed by the concept and the scope of the new album in which the band has both developed and extended their scope of sound, yet made it deeper and a tad darker. We can promise an impressive album for old and new fans alike.

"This Morn' Omina had become full circle after the last release. Signing to Dependent means a new lease on musical life. A new aural direction had already been taken but now we also have the opportunity to share it with the audience in the way that we intended. Now finally everyone can come together and experience our new musical journey."

Source: Newsletter

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