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lllThere have been a lot of rumors flying around the internet since we broke the news regarding the massively influential gothic rock band Love Like Blood to play a final show at the WGT 2011, and that it would be for one show only. But if you weren't able to attend the Love Like Blood farewell show at the WGT 2011 in Leipzig, Germany, don't fret anymore: You weren't alone! The show was incredibly packed and the consequent demand has made the band reconsider their original “no more shows” policy. Well, in short, make that now: Two exclusive shows only :).

Now when Love Like Blood realized how many people didn't manage to get to Leipzig or to get tickets or holidays and coupled that with knowing that the band will never play together again, they felt obligated to reciprocate with everyone's enthusiasm and add a second show for Belgium.

Gunnar Eysel, bassist of Love Like Blood, confirms that a second date has been added: “I’m very sorry we had to leave you all to decipher whether the rumors were true or not, but we felt it was necessary to keep it to ourselves for a certain period of time until we know that it really does feel 110% right to add a second show before we can really confirm it! And now as we look back with excitement and joy to the exclusive WGT show, in all of this what truly matters, are the good times, all the pictures and your faces while you sing along as we play: Thank you for getting us right here to this very moment! I can honestly say that we had no idea what we were in for when we started this...But now we’re very excited about getting there to say farewell to our Belgium fans. We have visited Belgium a couple of times before years ago. I'm sure many of our friends from Belgium, France, Holland and the UK will be making the trip for this special show. I can’t wait to get back there and hang with all the amazing friends and fans that I’ve met over these past years."

Location: KORTRIJK XPO, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk/ Belgium. See you there! Official Website  - Tickets

Source: Newsletter

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