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vnvnation electricsun tour2023We’re very excited to announce that VNV NATION’s “Electric Sun” Tour begins in February 2023. We can promise you an incredible live show of sound, light and passion. If you’ve seen VNV NATION live on tour or at a festival, you will know how full of energy and emotion the shows are. The audience and the band aim for unity, two halves building one live experience together, with everyone singing or dancing.

VNV NATION will be joined on the tour by TRAITRS, a Post Punk band from Toronto, who’ve been gaining a strong following through their intense, ethereal and beat driven live shows across Europe and North America.

VNV NATION’s next studio album ‘Electric Sun’ will be a symphony of melodies and beats, orchestrating its sound to a level that listeners to VNV NATION haven’t yet experienced. More Info:

Source: Press Release

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