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robinfoster empyreanROBIN FOSTER, known by his tours with ARCHIVE and his band WE ARE BODIES, releases his fourth album ‘Empyrean’ on February, 3rd, via Membran Records. The extremely coherent music of British composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist ROBIN FOSTER is full of intrepid tensions, cinematic textures, electronic loops, floating synthesizer sounds and meter-high guitar waves. In his sound, there are traces of TALK TALK, SIGUR ROS, RADIOHEAD, NEW ORDER and even THE SMITHS, which allow ROBIN FOSTER's music to oscillate between subtlety and intensity. Added to this are influences from the world of cinema and soundtrack figures such as Ennio Morricone, which were a great influence for the cinematic post-rock on ‘Empyrean’.

FOSTER has also composed numerous soundtracks and his music has been used in many well-known films and series such as ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Criminal Minds’. In addition, renowned brands such as Hugo Boss, Cartier and Barclays have campaigned with ROBIN FOSTER's songs. After joining the band ARCHIVE on various tours, ARCHIVE singer DAVE PEN and ROBIN FOSTER founded the band WE ARE BODIES and released their debut album of the same name last year. Now ROBIN FOSTER returns with ten new, strong songs. His fourth album, ‘Empyrean’, was mixed by Jim Spencer, and the mastering was again done by Franck Arkwright at the Abbey Road Studios.

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