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marisamuelsen nordicnoirThe Norwegian violinist Mari Samuelsen examines the fascinating world of Scandinavian film music on her solo album ‘Nordic Noir’ to be released on 15th September 2017 via Deutsche Grammophon. “Nordic Noir” stands for dark Scandinavian drama and crime series. You can listen to the music of this cinematic genre sounds on the album of the same name that Mari Samuelsen has recorded. In a duo with her brother Håkon Samuelsen, the violinist has long been known for exploring new sound environments and interpreting the works of contemporary composers. Together with Max Richter and the "12 ensemble", she regularly explores the broad spectrum of modern classical music.

With ‘Nordic Noir’, Mari Samuelsen presents her recording debut as a soloist and devotes herself to mysterious, gloomy and melancholic compositions, which convey and characterize the character of Scandinavian crime stories that have established themselves over the last years as an independent genre. The works are written by Ólafur Arnalds, Frans Bak, Uno Helmersson, Johan Söderqvist and Arvo Pärt, and some of them have been created in close collaboration with the artist so that Mari Samuelsen has penetrated the music with her personality and created recordings whose authentic charisma get under your skin.


Source: Press Release

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