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sleepwalk tempusvincitomniaElectro Aggression Records (EAR) proudly welcomes the veteran Swiss electro act SLEEPWALK to its distinguished roster of artists. After 5 years of eerie silence, SLEEPWALK return with a MAMMOTH double disc to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary. With ‘Tempus Vincit Omnia’ the band goes one step forward and two steps back to their old school electro roots. The album is a perfect symbiosis of EBM and Dark Electro and will definitely exceed all expectations. After the concept album ‘Nibiru’ (2012), the band focused on what they do best: atmospheric yet accessible melodies, thumping beats, and angry shouts, all wrapped in a distinct old school electro sound.

‘Tempus Vincit Omnia’ is accompanied by a jam-packed bonus disc called ‘Addendum Est’. The album includes 4 bonus SLEEPWALK tracks and 11 remixes by the movers and shakers of the old school electro scene, namely: PYRROLINE, SECOND DISEASE, KFACTOR, TERMINAL STATE, TRILOGY, TRI-STATE, SEVEN TREES, KIFOTH, ATROPINE NO SLEEP BY THE MACHINE and AMORPHOUS. You better get ready for 153 minutes of STELLAR old school electro pleasure!


CD1: Tempus Vincit Omnia
01. Tempus Vincit Omnia
02. Blood
03. #fck pplsm
04. Angels
05. LSD
06. Dark City (Old School)
07. Carbon Ultimate
08. Conscience
09. Robots
10. Degeneration
11. The Slaughter
12. Hypnotic
13. Downfall
14. Leaders in Front 2017
15. Hall of Heroes
16. Ghost of Time

CD2: Addendum Est
01. Carbon Ultimate (Seven Trees Remix)
02. Hypnotic (Terminal State Remix)
03. Conscience (Pyrroline Remix)
04. Dark City
05. Degeneration (KIFOTH Remix)
06. Blood (Atropine Vintage Mix)
07. Bastard
08. Angels (Satori Edit by Second Disease)
09. Carbon Ultimate (kFactor Remix)
10. #fckpplsm (No Sleep By The Machine Remix)
11. Embrace
12. Hypnotic (tri-state Remix)
13. Blood (Trilogy Remix)
14. Conscience (Amorphous Remix)
15. Pulse of Time

Source: Press Release

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