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eisbrecher ewigeseis“Whether you dream a big dream or a little one. It costs the same.” (Donald Duck)
“In the beginning was the ice! When we realized that there was not the music around us that we wanted to hear in the here and now, we decided to do it ourselves.”

The story of EISBRECHER begins in an icy, white winter night in 2003; for 15 years now it has been successfully updated by its founding fathers and original crew members Noel Pix (guitar, keyboards, programming) and frontman and voice Alexander Wesselsky.

It’s a story of courage. Of iron will. From deeply felt and well-cooled musical passion. It is the story of an own, open, cheeky kind of rock music with own, modern lyrics of hard-hitting directness, brutal irony and weird, indiscrete charm. At least since 2010 with ‘Eiszeit’, the breakthrough succeeded, EISBRECHER is one of the flagships of the German rock scene. ‘Die Hölle muss warten’ (2012) and ‘Schock’ (2015) refined the cabin of the proud steel steamer with gold records, their last album ‘Sturmfahrt’ (2017) conquered the top position of the German charts and was even nominated for the March 2018 deceased Echo.

Live, EISBRECHER provide a five-man rock full service again and again with great pleasure: They played on the top of the Zugspitze (with full cutlery at 2962 meters altitude) and on the Rhine, in Paris and in St. Petersburg, on Wacken and the M’era Luna Festival. EISBRECHER play Black Scene and Metal, Electro and Rock. The band is open for everything from the first cold day and the world of the EISBRECHER is open to all. With the “Volle Kraft Voraus Festival” last year, even a Rock event of its own was raised to celebrate once a year with friendly and appreciated bands and artists and, of course the fans, a warm and cordial celebration. Time for a retrospective of a special kind! Highest time for ‘Ewiges Eis’!

Already the entry could hardly be more contemporary: ‘Menschenfresser’ is the name of the first single. And that means no predators, but - who would have expected otherwise – “Menschenfresser humans”. The original was written by Rio Reiser and has lost none of its timeliness and brutal truth to this day. The right song presented at the right time in modern EISBRECHER sound with charm and fist. Then the journey begins through the years from today to yesterday: From the current single ‘Das Gesetz’ to the first dance floor filler and scene hit ‘Schwarze Witwe’, from the man and woman celebrated ‘Miststück’ to the eerie national anthem ‘This Is Deutsch’. In ‘Verrückt’ everyone can feel addressed and turn the volume control all the way to the right, in ‘Wo geht der Teufel hin’ may one ask melancholy, what is to become of us and the world… ‘Amok’ and ‘Was ist hier los?’ put the whole arm in the wound. Music sometimes has to hurt. Sometimes, however, helps neither romance nor rage, but only a fervent, loud cursing: ‘Himmel, Arsch & Zwirn’ must not be missed, and since it can be better nicked in the collective, the song as a live version on ‘Ewiges Eis’ represented.

And that’s not all: A whopping eighteen pieces, which can be summarized under the umbrella term ‘Eisspezialitäten - Remixe und Raritäten’, form the second part of the album. Reprints and bonus tracks, cover versions and remix pearls cavort in the eternal ice and keep once again in mind, how big the EISBRECHER coordinate system always was, how open their musical world, how peculiar the interpretations. Eisbrecher are a bulwark against the “cultivated ears patch up” (quote Wesselsky), which always flooded the German music landscape. They had 15 wild, hard, successful years and so are the two captains Alex Wesselsky and Noel Pix satisfied, humble, proud, fiercely and full of energy with their bandmates Rupert Keplinger (bass), Jürgen Plangger (guitar) and Achim Färber (drums), standing on the bridge, looking ahead and believing - like everyone else - in the future. The journey continues, far through the eternal ice. For the next 15 years, on EISBRECHER, on the fans, on life… it comes as it comes... either way!

‘Ewiges Eis’ will be released on 5th October 2018 as a double CD in Jewel case or Hard-cover book, limited Media Markt / Saturn Edition (with exclusive Dog Tag), limited fan box (with EISBRECHER belt buckle, tube scarf, spray stencil and sticker plus DVD) as well as double vinyl. You can pre-order ‘Ewiges Eis’ here:

True to the motto of Alex: “Digital Release? No thanks, that’s not for me. Then something physical, something to touch! You do not want a digital girlfriend and no digital pets. You want to pet your dog, kiss your girlfriend and light the real cigarette after the real after with a real match. Real and authentic are not digital!”


25.08.2018   Baltic Open Air, Haddeby (Headliner)
02.09.2018   Full Metal Cruise (Sold out!)
08.09.2018   Volle Kraft Voraus Festival, Neu-Ulm (Headliner)
14.12.2018   Adventssingen, Augsburg (Sold out!)
15.12.2018   Adventssingen, Augsburg (Sold out!)
25.12.2018   Dark Storm Festival, Chemnitz (Headliner)
03.-04.05.2019   Plage Noire Festival, Weissenhäuser Strand (Headliner)
19.07.2019   Rock am Stück, Fritzlar (Headliner)

Source: Press Release

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