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zoodrake purifiedAfter the first two singles have already had a successful start, the final album announcement for ZOODRAKE is finally here! ZOODRAKE is the new project by singer and producer Hilton Theissen. With the first two singles in 2019, ‘Sent to you’ and ‘Our light’, there was already a foretaste of the debut album which will be released on March 27th, 2020. ‘Purified’ completes the musical picture, which enriches the electronically based Synth Pop and EDM with Alternative Rock and Retro Wave elements.

ZOODRAKE focuses on charismatic vocals, emotional songwriting and atmospheric sounds that like to cross stylistic boundaries. The 10 tracks will be presented on tour in 2020 along with some song interpretations of Hilton’s former band SEADRAKE and his old parent formation AKANOID.

Tracklist ZOODRAKE ‘Purified’
01. Upgrade
02. Death bloom
03. Lasting
04. Our light
05. For a while
06. Faster
07. Sent to you
08. Fear
09. Solitude (you will)
10. I am the Drake
Label: Elektrofish / Believe
Release: 27 March 2020 as CD / digital

Source: Press Release

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