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psychic Transformation statiqbloom byKaroKratochwil08Bunker, Dresden, Germany
22nd June 2024
Psychic Transformation with Slow Slow Loris, Dalila Kayros & Danilo Casti, Schloss Tegal, Statiqbloom, Operant

Happy 25th birthday club|debil! On June 22, 2024, Bunker Club Dresden hosted the 25th anniversary celebration of club|debil, titled “Psychic Transformation”. The event showcased an eclectic mix of Avant-Garde, Industrial, and Dark Electronic music, featuring performances by some of the genre’s most innovative acts. I did not attend the entire show, only my longtime favourite STATIQBLOOM, and DALILA KAYROS & DANILO CASTI. The line-up featured interesting blend of musical soundscapes and atmospheres.

Slow Slow Loris

The American-German duo SLOW SLOW LORIS creates Avant-Garde Industrial Noise music, dominated by vocals and electronics. They’ve released albums on Staaltape, Zaetraom, and Cloister Recordings, and have toured extensively in Europe and the USA. The name is inspired by the endangered Sunda Slow Loris, believed in Southeast Asia to be the gatekeeper of heaven.

Dalila Kayros & Danilo Casti

This duo combines Kayros’ hypnotic, powerful vocals with Casti’s energetic, distorted rhythms, creating a unique sound that blends raw, earthy tones with ethereal and otherworldly elements. Their music transcends genres, pushing into new musical territories, and they’ve performed across Europe, the USA, and Mexico.

dalilakayros byKaroKratochwil11

Music & Performance
I revel in music that possesses dramatic and theatrical potential, especially in live performances. What DALILA KAYROS & DANILO CASTI achieved in Dresden transcended mere concert; it was an immersive experience - a catharsis - a profound encounter with vivid emotions. It felt as though the artist had shed her protective layers, leaving herself vulnerable yet simultaneously fierce, commanding, and resolute in battle. I must confess, I was utterly enthralled by both the music and the performance itself. When artists are deeply immersed in their craft, it becomes irresistible to witness. The music itself, changeable, whimsical, powerful, capricious, strong and intensive was simply magnificent - a true revelation! During a concert we could hear a lot of unreleased songs and as Danilo mentioned they “always try to play (it) as a single suite with only few breaks between songs”. Amazing!

01. Janna (unreleased)
02. Abyss (Animami - 2022)
03. Breath (Animami - 2022)
04. The last breath (unreleased)
05. Aniha Aniha (unreleased)
06. Leviatan (unreleased)
07. Hacab (Nuhk - 2013 - new version)
08. Lamia (unreleased)
09. Mech Karima (unreleased)
10. Nea (unreleased)
11. Corpus Sonorum (unreleased)

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Schloss Tegal

Originating from the Industrial and Post-Industrial eras in the USA and UK, SCHLOSS TEGAL is known for its unclassifiable sound that evolved into Dark Ambient music. Their themes range from religious myths to psychoses, creating a hyper realistic soundscape that delves into deep subconscious realms. Now based in Prague, they continue to produce music under their own label, Tegal Records.


Founded by Fade Kainer in Brooklyn, STATIQBLOOM merges Rhythm and Noise with elements of Techno and Industrial music. Now a solo project based in Berlin, Kainer continues to create modern, loud, modular Industrial-Techno music. STATIQBLOOM has released music on various labels and is known for intense live performances that combine heavy Industrial rhythms with dark atmospheres.

Music & Performance
I must admit that I waited a long time to see STATIQBLOOM live, having missed their concerts in Berlin, Budapest, and at WGT. So, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see them perform so close to home. Fade Kainer is a versatile artist, seamlessly blending dark electro, industrial, musical experiments, and even techno. His set in Dresden was a powerhouse of musical destruction, igniting the dancefloor. Witnessing his live performance for the first time, I was thrilled to see how deeply he immerses himself in the music, completely dedicating himself to it, which is clearly visible to the audience. The music itself was pure perfection - pulsating beats, intense energy, and raw power.

statiqbloom byKaroKratochwil10

Despite the minimalist stage setup, with just a table and equipment, the performance was electrifying. The most memorable moment for me was when a burning fire appeared in the visuals - a perfect representation of the sonic and emotional intensity of the show. Truly impressive!

01. Face Annihilation
02. Galvanized Thorns
03. Spectral Dimension
04. Fire of the Heart
05. The Unwinding
06. Cold Steel Howl
07. Flesh Sacrifice
08. Thin Hidden Hand

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Based in Berlin, OPERANT is a live and production duo known for their boundary-pushing sound that blends Industrial, Dark Ambient, Techno, and more. Founded by Luna Vassarotti and August Skipper, the project continually evolves, absorbing various musical influences. They are currently working on their follow-up to their debut LP ‘Traumkörper’.

All Pictures by karo Kratochwil

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