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karnivoolDen Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
19th June 2024
Karnivool - “The Mandrake Project European Tour”

KARNIVOOL were back at Luxembourg! Their debut album ‘Themata’ (2005) and follow-up ‘Sound Awake’ (2009) cemented them as progressive music stalwarts. Subverting expectations, their third album ‘Asymmetry’ (2013) defied convention, earning critical acclaim and platinum sales.

KARNIVOOL is an Australian Progressive Metal band formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1998. The group currently consists of Ian Kenny on vocals, Drew Goddard and Mark Hosking on guitar, Jon Stockman on bass, and Steve Judd on drums. KARNIVOOL emerged from a band Kenny and Goddard formed during high school.

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Music & Performance
Many fans have waited a long time for this moment. KARNIVOOL back in Luxembourg! Finally! A rare event, because the Australians don't come to Europe very often and when they do, Luxembourg is not on their to-do list. No overcrowded Atelier, a bit of sunshine, no queues for drinks or toilets and good prog music. A good evening is on the cards. And then it starts right on time at 9 o'clock with ‘All It Takes’. KARNIVOOL sound sometimes hard and rough, sometimes soft and melodic. A six-string bass is used in the proggy compositions as well as a seven-string guitar. In between, electronica adds a modern touch.

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And then, of course, there is frontman Ian Kenny, who may not have the typical frontman charisma, but still has his fans fully behind him in no time at all and over the entire distance of around 80 minutes. In addition to songs from the debut album ‘Themata’, many songs from the Australian “Album of the Year” ‘Sound Awake’ were also included. These were also the ones that the audience sang along to the most. Whether it was ‘Goliath’ or ‘Simple Boy’, the audience knew the lyrics. But the grand finale of ‘New Day’ made the hearts beat faster. Almost everyone was singing along with Kenny on the verses. A very nice end to a successful concert on a Wednesday evening.

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01. All It Takes
02. C.O.T.E.
03. Goliath
04. Mauseum
05. Simple Boy
06. Aozora
07. We Are
08. Deadman
09. Roquefort
10. Themata
11. Aeons
12. New Day

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All Pictures by Elena Arena

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