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karnivool tour2024Den Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
19th June 2024
Karnivool - “The Mandrake Project European Tour”

KARNIVOOL returning to the ‘Bourg! Revolution is a tumultuous and risky venture, challenging norms with potential for great reward. KARNIVOOL, Australian Hard-Rock innovators, exemplify this ethos. Their debut album ‘Themata’ (2005) and follow-up ‘Sound Awake’ (2009) cemented them as progressive music stalwarts. Subverting expectations, their third album ‘Asymmetry’ (2013) defied convention, earning critical acclaim and platinum sales.

Touring globally, highlights include a sold-out London show and South African debut. Amidst creative endeavours, KARNIVOOL maintained presence through regional tours and streamed anniversary performances. Their 2023 Regeneration Tour across Europe marked a triumphant return, signalling readiness for more. Now, back in the studio, KARNIVOOL persists in their musical journey, fuelled by uncertainty and resilience, poised to ignite audiences once again.

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Doors: 19:00
Show: 20:00
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