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zoot woman maxidrama2024 is the year of ‘MAXIDRAMA’. In 2001, ZOOT WOMAN released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Living in A Magazine’. Since then, they have evolved and reinvented their material to remain unique despite changing trends in the music scene. They have released seven albums, gained fans worldwide, and proven themselves to be a versatile act both in the studio and on stage. ZOOT WOMAN have also put their signature touch on tracks by artists such as Jessie Ware, Justice, Madonna, Mimi Webb, and many others. Collaborating with the dance music titan SOLOMUN and acts like ÂME, EINMUSIK, IRON CURTIS, and MOSCOMAN has been a welcome addition that has expanded ZOOT WOMAN’s audience.

After extensive tours and the releases of ‘Absence’ and ‘Redesigned’, ZOOT WOMAN returned to the studio and began developing tracks that would eventually lead to their seventh studio album, ‘MAXIDRAMA’. ‘MAXIDRAMA’ is undoubtedly their most imaginative work to date, solidifying their status as one of the few bands able to skilfully blend smooth, emotive melodies, danceability, and shiny synth textures. A wealth of synthesizers and drum machines blend with Johnny Blake’s distinctive vocals, complemented by a variety of other instruments. Blake says, “Our approach to writing was more original than ever before. The songwriting arises from every emotion and the drama that surrounds it. We came up with the title ‘MAXIDRAMA’ because it represents the extremes and boundaries we deal with in our lives and relationships.”

‘MAXIDRAMA’ is an outstanding album that kicks off with the pure energy and motivating inspiration of ‘Control Of The Wheel’, followed by the lively directness of the current single ‘Another Time Like Now’. Next up are the introspective banger ‘Live And Learn’ and the candid ‘Blind’. After the ethereal ‘Phenomenal’ and the laid-back ‘Never Felt This Way’, the second half of the album shifts mood and delves deeper into the melancholic side of ZOOT WOMAN’s songwriting, with the introspective ‘Where Is The Man’, the piercingly dark ‘A Habit I Can’t Break’, and ‘Regret’, a penultimate note of sadness. The album closes with the serene final track ‘Birds’. ‘MAXIDRAMA’ is a collection of emotional songs produced in an electronic pop style, staying true to ZOOT WOMAN’s contemporary sound.

Release Date: 21st June 2024

Source: Press Release

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