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in extremo burgentour2024CARPE NOCTEM - BURGENTOUR 2024

Under this banner, the minstrels of IN EXTREMO will once again travel through the medieval castles and palaces of the country next year, taking their audience on a unique journey into their own musical past! For 2024, the six will prepare a very special program with a spectacular pyro show and illustrious guests for their fans! At a total of ten castles and palaces, IN EXTREMO will let it rock again!  The castle tour, which is usually sold out, has grown into a solid institution in the German open-air landscape in recent years, and after the huge successes of the past years, IN EXTREMO are already burning to play more castle shows next year. In 2024, stylish hard tickets will be available again through the band’s ticket page at In addition to the regular hard tickets, there will be the highly coveted VIP tickets in limited quantities. This year, when purchasing a VIP ticket, you can win 10 sun loungers in IN EXTREMO design and a “secret” grand prize in a raffle in addition to the VIP surprise package. In some places, there are only a few tickets left, so grab them quickly if you don’t have a ticket yet!

Tour Dates
13 Jun 24 - Coburg, Kulturfabrik Cortendorf mit Dominum
15 Jun 24 - Satzvey, Burg Satzvey with Fiddler‘s Green and Ad Infinitum
13 Jul 24 - Bergen auf Rügen, Waldbühne with Manntra
19 Jul 24 - Görlitz, Landskronenbrauerei with Rauhbein
20 Jul 24 - Magdeburg, Festung Mark with Rauhbein
26 Jul 24 - Singen, Festung Hohentwiel with Manntra
27 Jul 24 - Creuzburg, Burg Creuzburg with Blaske
16 Aug 24 - Illingen, Burgplatz with Versengold and Projekt Ju
29 Aug 24 - Hanau,- Amphitheater with Antitype
30 Aug 24 - Klaffenbach, Wasserschloss with Antitype
07 Sep 24 - Koblenz, Festung Ehrenbreitstein with Fiddler’s Green
Tickets: and at all known pre-selling points

“Weckt die Toten” Festival

‘Weckt die Toten’ is an album by IN EXTREMO and is a song by IN EXTREMO. The band says: “‘Weckt die Toten’ (wake the death) is both a swan song and a hymn, it is bitter seriousness and mischievous grin at the same time, it is past and future in the same moment. ‘Weckt die Toten’ is friendship and community, it is intoxication and ecstasy, it is invitation and solidarity. But above all, and not least, ‘Weckt die Toten’ is now also a festival by and with IN EXTREMO.”

The festival will take place every year in Halle on the Saale on the Peißnitz island from now on. The 6 minstrels invite you to the festival on August 31, 2024 in Halle on the Saale on the Peißnitz island. Also joining the party are FEUERSCHWANZ, KNORKATOR, and RAUHBEIN. The band is clearly not talking about a promise for a good time here, but rather a guarantee. There will also be a medieval market. Tickets are available on and

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