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Artist: In Extremo
Title: Sterneneisen
Genre: Medieval, Metal
Release Date: 24th February 2011
Label: Universal

Album Review

Having celebrated their 15th year together in spectacular style at a two day concert in Erfurt last year IN EXTREMO go from strength to strength with their new offering 'Sterneneisen'. With new drummer Specky D taking full advantage of his position this album offers a great time for all fans of rock hard killer drumming and double peddling frenzies. Nothing has been lost however of the band's core sound. The melodies are beautiful, the songs gorgeously arranged and everyone concerned sounds fresh and full of creative vitality.

Kicking off the album is 'Zigeunerskat' with hectic drumming, loud and proud bagpipes and a gloriously hard-line vocal. 'Gold' is next, twinkling bell like lines running behind archly cutting guitar riffs. Catchy and driven, this is a hell of a track. 'Viva la Vida' inspired by the hassles COLDPLAY had with their album is a very different track than I've ever heard from this band, really stretching the creative envelope without ever once losing singabilty. It's a real anthem of a song, one for Wacken road trips if ever I heard one. 'Siehst du das Licht' starts with such a mournfully beautiful refrain and sensitive vocals that straight away it's bound to be a favourite. The interestingly named 'Stalker' comes next, all hard driving rhythm and demanding instrumentation, with killer guitar and bass work.

'Hol die Sterne' (which features Der Graf) is probably one of the lightest tracks on the album, strolling along ambient, with pretty refrain and great vocals from both singers. The album’s metal edged sword slices through you with old school riffs, the most singable chorus you've heard for years and solid musical performances, making it perfectly understandable that they named the album for it. Dr Pymonte get his harp out and puts it to good use for what is for me the most beautiful track on the whole album - 'Zauberspruch no VII'. It has everything, a sad and beautiful tune, perfect performances and the most soulful sensual vocals. It's a masterpiece of emotive writing. 'Auge um Auge' is solidly put together and has interesting ticking clock overlays to it which really adds to the whole atmosphere of it whilst 'Schau zum Mond' is full of surprises with it's disjointedness, genially pulled off, with mixes of anthemic pipe lines, incisive vocals and contrary sound effects. I love it.

'Unsichtbar' is about as hard and dark as I have ever heard these guys. The drumming killer, the bass and guitars staccato, the vocal hardcore and I think it's a zither of some sorts offering dynamic and unexpected overtones. 'Ich vermiss dich' is a slow and expressive track winding this album down perfectly with a gorgeously screamed emotive vocal that sends shivers down your spine. All in all ‘Sterneneisen’ is something of a progression for a band that have a winning formula as they were. It's nice to see that they continue to stretch themselves and have not complacently sat back on their laurels and basked in their already well deserved success but have decided that they will forge on in very new directions unafraid to take chances. It's paid off superbly with an album they can justifiably be proud of.


01. Zigeunerskat (4:30)
02. Gold (3:15)
03. Viva La Vida (3:36)
04. Siehst du das Licht (4:18)
05. Stalker (4:03)
06. Hol die Sterne (4:05)
07. Sterneneisen (3:10)
08. Zauberspruch No. VII (3:54)
09. Auge um Auge (4:18)
10. Schau zum Mond (3:41)
11. Unsichtbar (3:48)
12. Ich vermiss dich (3:52)


Das Letzte Einhorn – Vocals
Kay Lutter – Bass
Dr Pymonte – Harp, Zither, Bagpipes etc.
Der Lange – Guitars
Specky D – Drums, Percussion
Flex – Pipes, Bagpipes, Flute, hurdy-gurdy
Yellow Pfeiffer – Bagpipes etc.

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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