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Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, Germany
24th August 2007
Citadel Music Festival 2007 (IN EXTREMO, THE 69 EYES, ZERAPHINE, BIG BOY)

The summer was full of different concerts at the Zitadelle Spandau like Classic, Rock and Gothic. Already we reported about the Zita Rock Festival with MARILYN MANSON and Oomph! At this evening played BIG BOY, ZERAPHINE, THE 69 EYES and IN EXTREMO. The location was visited very well and anyone was looking forward to a great evening.

Big Boy

Already a few minutes to 6:00pm the magnificent newcomer BIG BOY entered the stage. With this concert we knew that this band belongs on a big stage and not only on little club stages.

Music & Performance
Even though BIG BOY himself told me later that he wasn’t contented with his performance, I had another opinion. I enjoyed the boys some time before but this time it was the first time with the new band member Lord (The Pleasures). He played the guitar and replaced his predecessor Backslick. The show was like every time very goth-rockin’ and powerful. BIG BOY are more and more a unit since Kafka leaving the band.  They seemed to have fun on stage. But we noticed again that the band polarized. While one part of the audience was very happy with this style of music and performance was the other part sooner appalled. Unfortunately they played only 20 minutes. But the lead singer and his bass-boy A. K. ran through the audience and had a little bit fun. I should be a part of it, but I will tell you later.

01. Gestasi Baby
02. Fake it
03. Get over it
04. One good Reason
05. Hail the Big Boy

Music 7
Performance 6
Sound 8
Light - (daylight)
Total 6.8


After a 15 minutes break for reconstruction, ZERAPHINE started at 6:30pm. The fans welcomed them very cordial and gusty. Of course! It was a home game for the boys. Sven Friedrich let the fans know, that we were in Berlin and he talked to the people in exemplary slang. :)

Music & Performance
The affection was really great. The weather was nice and the people were in good mood. ZERAPHINE had a lot of fun too. The songs were a mix of new and old songs but more from the older ones like ‘Flieh mit mir’ or ‘Be my rain’. With the song ‘Halbes Ende’ the show was over and the band was leaving the stage. Later we could see Sven between the fans how he gave them autographs and pictures.

01. Flieh mit mir
02. No more doubts
03. No Tears
04. Ohne Dich
05. Die Wirklichkeit
06. Inside your Arms
07. Be my rain
08. Halbes Ende

Music 8
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light - (daylight)
Total 7.7

The 69 Eyes

The next stage time was reserved for the Helsinki-Vampires THE 69 EYES.  The singer Jyrki was in a good mood and not on a kind of “high fly” like on another concert at 15th of April at the Postbahnhof Berlin.

Music & Performance
During the intro ‘Cry little Sister’ (Sisters of Mercy - main theme of the vampire-film “Lost Boys”) THE 69 EYES entered the stage. The fans welcomed them with frenetic jubilance.

The show was nearly perfect, the daylight was fading and the atmosphere was nice. The last sounds of them became silent and the break for IN EXTREMO’s set was starting. BIG BOY and A. K. attacked me. ;) They told me, that we have to do an interview now. I won’t say that I was shocked a little bit. I didn’t have a dictating machine or prepared any questions. They told me, that they will do everything I need and they spell their opinion: It was a really special opinion, so if you want to know what they mean, please contact them. ;)

01. Intro (Cry little Sister)
02. Framed in Blood
03. Never say die
04. Dance D’Amour
05. Devils
06. The Chair
07. Feel Berlin
08. Wasting the Dawn
09. Sister of Charity
10. Brandon Lee
11. Perfect Skin
12. Lost Boys

Music 6
Performance 6
Sound 8
Light - (daylight)
Total 6.4

In Extremo

As last band of the evening, medieval rockers IN EXTREMO entered the stage.

Music & Performance
The opening of the show was a big BOOM! The mood on stage was really powerful and IN EXTREMO projected this onto the audience. The lead singer “Das letzte Einhorn” hadn’t to sing in some parts because the fans did that dignified. He enjoyed that! The opener was a good old song: ‘Spielmann’. Acoustically and visually a big experience! I was charmed of that great show. A big firework attended the performance like at shows in the past too. At 11:00 PM was it unfortunately over. But all fans were happy about that great evening!

01. Spielmann
02. Nur ihr allein
03. Liam
04. Erdbeermund
05. Vollmond
06. Der Wind
07. Villeman og Magnhild

Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light 9
Total 8.2

All pictures by Nadine Ginzel

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