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DK Gorbunova, Moscow, Russia
31st October 2009
In Extremo

At 7 PM. there was no queue in front of the venue and the hall itself was only half-filled. But big groups of people kept on streaming into Gorbunova and an hour later, the number of attendees had doubled. Imaginatively dressed individuals such as several men in kilts or something like that stood out of the colourful audience. Now, everyone was waiting for the show to begin. Actually, the German Medieval Rock band IN EXTREMO was a fusion of a nameless medieval music playing formation and a Rock band. Firstly, the two formations played separately, but in 1995 the front man “Das Letzte Einhorn” (aka Michael Robert Rhein) suggested the unifying name IN EXTREMO. Finally in 1997, one of the most popular German Alternative bands was born.

The career was started with appearances at medieval markets and the first nameless album in 1996. Within some years, the band’s style got harder by the usage of more guitars and drums. Nevertheless, the old-fashioned instruments such as bagpipe and shawm still played an important role. Thus, IN EXTREMO was able to attract not only the fans of medieval music, but also listeners of guitar-driven Hard Rock. The commercially most successful eighth long-player `Sängerkrieg´ (2008) even reached the top of the German charts. Moreover, Das Letzte Einhorn, Van Lange, Der Morgenstern, Die Lutter, Dr. Pymonte, Flex der Biegsame and Yellow Pfeiffer have a good reputation for being an amazing live band. /

Music & Performance
Finally, the light was turned off and IN EXTREMO appeared on the stage and started playing ‘7 Köche’, the first song of the evening. The crowd was instantly overwhelmed by the energy of the music and only a few people could stand still. But this was just the beginning. Following another vigorous composition, the band performed ‘Vollmond’. With the first sounds of the song, rose petals were spread all over the stage, and some time later, silver confetti was shot up and hung in mid-air above our heads. Of course, the people who often attend IN EXTREMO concerts were used to such things, but for me everything was exciting and looked fabulous. The members of the band seemed to enjoy that stuff even more than their fans and played with the rose petals like children. 

The charismatic vocalist “Das Letzte Einhorn” or Micha, as he introduced himself, talked to the audience mixing some Russian in his speech. He joked a lot and amazed with the energy he had. He had a small toy horse and looked really happy. The other musicians also left a great impression while forming circles on stage and playing the bagpipes or some other mysterious instruments. The wonderful combination of sounds made people forget about reality and following the music on an unforgettable trip through time and space. In Moscow, IN EXTREMO had a new member on stage, but only for one track. A guy with a bagpipe was pulled out of the crowd and offered to perform a song with the band. He mastered his task quite well and surprised the audience.

The set finished with the melodic ‘Auf’s Leben’ and afterwards, the musicians left the stage. But the fans didn’t want to let them go so soon and a few minutes later, the band came back again to play a four-track encore. Everyone still wanted more but after the song ‘Villeman Og Magnhild’ has faded it became clear that the concert was over. However, Micha promised to come back another time.

01. 7 Köche
02. Frei zu Sein
03. Vollmond
04. Sängerkrieg
05. Spielmann
06. Poc Vecem
07. Ave Maria
08. Singapur
09. En Esta Noche
10. Merseburger Zaubersprüch II 
11. In Diesem Licht
12. Flaschenpost
13. Mein Sehnen
14. Wind
15. Omnia Sol Temperat
16. Auf’s Leben
17. Küss Mich
18. Spielmannsfluch
19. Krummavísur
20. Villeman Og Magnhild

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 8
Total: 9.5 / 10

All pictures by Era Grey

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