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inextremo sterneneisen live
Artist: In Extremo
Title: Sterneneisen (Live aus Siegen)
Genre: Folk-Metal
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: Universal

Album Review

IN EXTREMO is without any doubt the band which is must be seen live. I would say at least once in life, but after the first time you probably would die to see it once again. For years they prove the reputation of one of the best bands as well as one of the best live-bands. And the fact, that ‘Sterneneisen (Live aus Siegen)’ is the sixth live-album of the band speaks for itself. For seventeen years that the band exists, thousands of people all over the world enjoy their concerts, even in China, where IN EXTREMO played some years ago within the “Year of Germany”. Chinese public was so excited that police had to worry a lot, as if the revolution would start any minute.

For those who at least once saw IN EXTREMO live, ‘Sterneneisen (Live aus Siegen)’ will call in memory great moments of the concert, doesn’t matter where and when it happened. The set list consists mostly of the tracks from last two albums ‘Saengerkrieg’ and ‘Sterneneisen’. As for the unfading hits, there are ‘Herr Mannelig’, ‘Horizont’ and ‘Küss mich’. ‘Vollmond’ is missing. The only thing which could disturb not-German-speaking fans is that between the songs Micha speaks to public in German. From time to time he gives comments on the coming songs. For example, about ‘Stalker’ the singer says, it’s the song of the assholes, following you all over. For ‘Gold’ there is the comment, that the song is of friendship, the most important thing in the world, and that not everything shinning is gold.

And for those who prefer the random mode on the player instead of listening to the whole album at the time, you should be prepared, that comments on songs are mostly split, so in the end of the previous song there is the comment on the next track. There’s nothing to say to the quality of the record except for thousand compliments for the band, for public, and for all those, who was working on the CD. It’s just a brilliant record. If you like live-albums or would like to experience at least 1/10 of the IN EXTREMO concert, this CD will take its place in your musical collection. If you’ve never ever seen IN EXTREMO live, ‘Sterneneisen (Live aus Siegen)’ is nice to start with.


01. Intro
02. Sterneneisen
03. Frei zu sein
04. Liam
05. Zigeunerskat
06. Unsichtbar
07. Herr Mannelig
08. Hirizont
09. Zauberspruch No. VII
10. Siehst Du das Licht
11. Stalker
12. Hol die Sterne
13. Spielmannsfluch
14. Küss Mich
15. Viva la Vida
16. Saengerkrieg
17. Gold
18. Omnia Sol Temperat


Das Letzte Einhorn
Van Lange
Die Lutter
Dr. Pymonte
Flex der Biegsame
Yellow Pfeiffer
Specki T.D.


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inextremo sterneneisen live


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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