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Title: Whiteout
Artist: Zeraphine
Genre: Rock / Electronic
Release Date: 11th June 2010
Label: BMG Rights Management

Album Review

Ever since the last ZERAPHINE album ‘Still’ hit store shelves in 2006, it’s been quite silent around the five-piece led by front man Sven Friedrich. The time has been used to create the first SOLAR FKE album, and for other musical projects of the band members. The audiences have been given some teasers of the new album already within the live circuit. This Friday all fans can finally hold ‘Whiteout’ in their hands.

The new album starts with the electronic introduction ‘Erwachen’, foreshadowing what’s going to come with ‘Lieber Allein’, that is, a rather untypical song of ZERAPHINE. Untypical since it’s quite harsh with its heavy use of distortion. Contrary to that, the following ‘I Will Be There’, which is one of the songs I spoke of earlier in the introduction, is a melodious, catchy tune with pop sensibilities introduced by spherical keys before a straight beat is added to the set. ‘Out Of Sight’ is running a little faster, being another candidate that should be considered for a live performance on the upcoming tour, coupled with a simple synth melody, adding a pleasant trait to the indie rock-tinged track. A melancholic piano melody, soon to be accompanied by subdued strings, leads over into the aggrieving moods of ‘Tomorrows Morning’ which has its strengths concentrated within the emotional chorus, benefiting a lot from Friedrich’s strong voice.

The following ‘Louisa’, the second of the already presented live tracks, works in a similar way, only that the tension there keeps building up constantly instead of erupting all towards you all of a sudden. German-voiced ‘Du fragst nicht mehr’ (You’re not asking anymore) starts all electronically, and then gets hit by the organic touch of soft, accentuated drums. Besides that, it’s defined by resignation that has carved indelible scars into its surface, and I know I’ve said this a couple times before, but it’s really nice to see someone using the German language without sounding too clichéd and cheesy. ‘The Stream’ has no introduction at all and starts right away with propelling rhythms and a distorted bass line. A very plain composition without any highs or lows! The title track ends the album, starting with Sven’s vocals sung over piano chords only at first and with that unfolds an almost unplugged character that Is fading soon as the other instruments come in, turning it into a fully-fledged ballad, closed by a classical string section.

‘Whiteout’ sound-wise is much more well-rounded than ‘Still’, having a tinny sound most of the time, and it’s recollecting a sound that was very prominent on ‘Traumaworld’ and ‘Blind Camera’, both albums I dig very much. ZERAPHINE certainly don’t reinvent themselves on ‘Whiteout’, but add a few new, well-fitting nuances.


01. Erwachen - 1:33
02. Lieber Allein - 3:34
03. I will be there - 4:09
04. Out of Sight - 4:06
05. Tomorrows Morning - 4:37
06. Louisa - 4:03
07. Rain Falls - 3:54
08. Waiting for the Day to end - 5:20
09. Du fragst nicht mehr - 4:02
10. The Stream - 4:24
11. Remaining Desires - 4:33
12. Whiteout - 5:45


Sven Friedrich - Vocals
Norman Selbig - Guitar
Manuel Senger - Guitar
Michael Nepp - Bass
Marcellus Puhlemann - Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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